any one tried baby led weaning???

hi pippa's nearly 5 months old and i really like the sound of doing baby led weaning (as don't have to make puree's) but ust wondered if anyone had tried it and how it wworked in "real life".


  • Hi

    I have been doing blw with my little one. Personally I couldn't be bothered with the pfaff of purree-ing. It works really well - I started with lo sitting at the table with us at about 5 months and put toys on the table then at 6 months just started giving him food. I started with cooked carrot battons and green beans. He just played with them for the first week then put it in his mouth.

    2 months on he loves his food and eats most things - he especially loves steak and strawberries (not expensice tastes or anything!) I have to say, it is messy - although I can't see how any baby learning to eat wouldn't be. Last night was spaghetti bolognese which he loves. I just put a washable shower curtain under his high chair (we have a tripp trapp so it pulls up to the table) and put him in a long sleeved bib and he's fine.

  • thanks i've got a book on purees and they just don't look that nice and i was saying ot dh if we're going to give her carrott puree why not just give her the carott. Going to get her highchair in the next few weeks and start sitting her in it when we eat and go from there.
    Really looking forward to starting as i'm sure she'll love it
  • Yes, it is fun. I always liked the idea of it and it was reinforced when friends babies were screaming while they were trying to get the purees in their mouths! This way he eats it if he wants (most of the time) and doesn't if he doesn't.

    If we are having something unsuitable (like fajitas) then I just do some new potatoes, green beans and carrots for him. I guess I could try him on fajitas to see what he thinks, he seems to like pizza with chilli oil on it!

  • Hey, i'm going to try it too! I think the reason babies were started on purees was because they used to start weaning at 4 months, but now they say start at 6 months there's no need to puree as they can cope with fingerfoods/lumps etc. I'm actually quite looking forward to starting, i'm sure there will be lots of brilliant photo opportunities considering how much mess they'll make! xxxx
  • Hi, I'm doing this with Noah. He's 7 months now, and I started him at just over 6 months. He loves feeding himself, there's no fighting to get food into him like there is with purees sometimes (I weaned Jacob, my eldest, on purees) - Noah just thinks it's a great game. It's amazing how quickly they learn too - at first he couldn't swallow anything so any bits of food in his mouth would come dribbling out, but after a couple of weeks he got much better at it. It's very educational for him too - he's developing his pincer grip nicely as he learns how to hold different bits of food. He ate most of a round of toast the other day - it's such fun to watch, and means I can eat at the same time too! I'd recommend the book "Baby-led Weaning" by Gill Rapley, has lots of info in it and really makes sense xx
  • Hi
    I did this with my now 2 year old and it worked so well - it was fab - go for it.
    I found a whole website about baby led weaning which was full of great ideas.
    I did the whole puree thing with my first and spent hours making up batches of purees !!!!!!!!! But with the blw I could just give her bits that we were having and adapt stuff etc....

    The website is good because it gives advice about choking and the best sort of sizes of things to give your baby

    Good luck
  • Ooh yes, and there's a forum related to the link MLM gave:

    I haven't been on it yet, but it looks good xx
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