Tiny pimple like spots on body any idea what it could be?

Kieran has come out in small pimple like spots on his arms, legs and a few on the top half of his torso on the front. He does not have any on his back and only the normal milk spots on his chest. The pimpls are the size of pin pricks.
I am going to try and get in to see a doctor on Monday, but until then was wondering if any of you ladies had any idea what it could be?
I have not changed wash powder or any of his bath lotions and potions. I have stopped using his Johnsons baby night lotion and replaced it with aqueous cream as from tonight.
They do not seem to be bothering him.

Any idea ladies? xx:\?


  • Maya (7 weeks tomorrow) has exactly the same thing. I've been to the GP who advised it was just milk spots / typical newborn skin. He said it could take up to 6 weeks to disappear :\( and may get worse between now and then. Since, the redness has gone and M's left with little rough patches where the spots were, almost as if they're drying out and healing. I've got some organic baby lavender balm which I'm rubbing in after baths, but otherwise am letting nature take its course....

    Will you let me know what your doctor says so we can compare!?
    Like Kieran, Maya isn't bothered by her crustiness at all! Heard Hubby over the monitor telling her she'd never get a boyfriend! :lol: x
  • Morning, you don't say how old Kieren is, but Sara is 6 months and we've been out in the garden most days or in the park for picnics and I've noticed on these days she comes up in teeny tiny little red dots that I think are just a bit of sensitivity to the grass/itchy rug. She doesn't itch and its totally gone by the morning, I haven't been putting anything on them, just bathing as usual. She had it just on her arms, legs and chest too - I think from where she was rolling about etc

    Hope you find what it is soon

    Liz x

  • Hi - Toby had this when he was little. I took him to the GP and she said it was likely a heat rash - we took a layer off at night and they disappeared fairly quickly (from memory it might have been a week max). Babies don't sweat so when they get hot the moisture stays under their skin creating those little pimple like spots.

    However, any rash can obviously potentially be something else - if there's no other symptoms I wouldn't worry but if your LO is sick or has a temp I would take them to the GP just to be sure.

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