Flying with a one year old

My best friend is off to spain with flybe in a coup;e of weeks and was hoping you could help with the following

1) carseats - can you take them on the plane or put them in luggage - how much extra do they charge

2) milk what is the best way to take formula - can you take cartons without trying it (other wise she is going to have milk splashing aroun

any help or useful tips appreciated x


  • Carseats - you can take them on the plane if they fit in the overhead locker (unlikely for 1 year old) or if you have purchased a seat for the child and the carseat is an approved FAA one (get this checked beforehand!!), in which case they will sit in that for the flight. Otherwise you have to check them in. On most airlines an infant is entitled to take a pram and/or carseat as check in at no charge but check this out with Flybe.

    Milk - you can take the ready made stuff but only if you purchase it airside. Otherwise you may have to open it at security in which case it is useless. Ring the Boots at the airport a couple of weeks beforehand to reserve it.

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