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My little boy is now 6 weeks old, and currently sleeps in our bedroom in his crib. He goes down to sleep very well but keeps waking himself up by hitting the sides of the crib with his arms or getting them stuck through the bars. He is quite a big baby and out grew his moses basket within 2 weeks. I have tried swaddling him but he hates it and fights and fights until he frees his arms. We have a lovely large cot for him, but it is in his nursery next to our bedroom. Unfortunatly we can not move it into our room without dismantaling it as it will not fit through the door as it is. Now do you think 6 weeks is too young to be in his own room? We have a sensory monitor and its literally 5 steps away, but Im still not sure. Or do you think its worth dismantaling the cot and rebuilding it in our room?
Please let me know your opinions. xxx


  • You need to consider whether you would feel comfortable with him being in a separate room. The guidelines are 6 months, but everybody is entitled to consider what works best for their individual situation. You would all probably get a better night's sleep if he's got more room in his cot, you just need to decide whether that should be in your room or not.

    Sophie started outgrowing her moses basket at about 11 weeks. We didn't have room for the cot bed in our room so she had to move to her room. However, I didn't feel comfortable leaving her to sleep on her own, so made myself a bed on her floor and slept there. I moved out of her room about two weeks ago as she was waking me by moving in her sleep which was in turn waking her, leading to very disrupted nights. I know we're 8 weeks off the guidelines, but everyone has been getting a better night's sleep since she's been on her own in her room.

    However, I don't think I'd have been comfortable leaving her at 11 weeks when we first moved her, but that's me.
  • we moved dd into her own room at 9 weeks. She was waking up by hitting off the sides of her moses basket, so decided to move her into her cot. The st few nights I hardly slept a wink cause I was listening for every sound, but got over it, when I realised she was sleeping all night. It was the best dicision we made. We've also got a sensory monitor & it really does put your mind at rest.

    As Mrs Bear said it's up to you if you feel comfortable doing it, do it.

  • I moved my first into his room at about 4 weeks. It was for the same reason, and he slept so much better in his own room too.And like you say you got the sensory monitor too, so I think its your decision, like lambchop said. xx
  • we moved DS into his own room at 8 weeks, partly because the cot wouldnt have fit in our room but because he was easily disturbed by us, it was the right decsion for us and he was much better, at the end of the day its what you feel comfortable with x
  • i moved DD into her own room at 20 days as she point blank refused to be swaddled and could roll over from birth so we were having issues keeping her safe in her basket. it was the best thing i ever done to be honest and she loves her own room.
  • We moved DS1 at about 6 weeks & DS2 at 8 weeks as they were getting too big for the cot. We were advised to keep our door & door to nursery open as one of the reasons they recommend 6 months is that babies listen to you breathing etc. through the night & this apparently reduces the risks (according to our nursery nurse at post natal group).

    We found that everyone slept better once they were in their own rooms.
  • The guidelines have actually changed to a year which I find totally unrealistic!
    I moved my LO into his room at 8 weeks for the exact same reason but we have a spare bed in there and I was still BF in the night so I slept in there with him for a while until he started sleeping from his dream feed until 6am. I would have moved him into our room if there was room for the cot in there.
    He slept so much better in his cot than in the moses basket, he also hated swaddling and was in a grobag at 4 days. Fortunately he was 8lb 6oz at birth so could go straight into them.
    I would do whatever you feel comfortable with. We have a very small flat so even in the next room he is closer to us with the doors open than he would be in a big bedroom!
  • If your happy to let him sleep in his own room hun then i think thats fine given that you also have the sensor mat.
    Have you thought about a travel cot in your room ?? i have one in mine as my 6 month old shares with my other son (has done for ages now) who he wakes on occassion when he's having a bad night so i bring him in our room to sleep when this happens.
    Our room is quite small & our old travel cot was quite big but i found a reasonably small travel cot in argos it was only ??26:99 too!!
    Do what works for you all hun xxx
  • they also say a loud ticking clock has the same effect as the heartbeat so we have one of those, livrons ideas is good but you would need a decent matteress as the ones they come with are really hard x
  • Thank you so much ladies for your advice.

    Well I decided to move the cot into our room....It wasnt easy and I had to move the whole room around for it to fit, but it is in there and LO has already had a nap in it. When he decicded to bash around during his sleep it was nice because he did not wake himself up.

    He isnt too noisy in his sleep so we will try and keep him our room for as long as possible but if we start to disturbe him or he does us then I will look at it again.

    Once again thank you, its always nice to have advice from others image

    D xxx
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