Would you have cosmetic surgery....

and if so what would you have done?

Another post inspired me to ask this. If I had the money I am not ashamed to say I'd be a surgery whore :lol:

I'd have my nose done (not that it's bad, but got a slight bump) and have botox. Would also have my boobies lifted and my cellulite sucked!

Probably tons more if I had the dosh but what would you have done......or already have?


  • If only it wasn't so darn expensive lol!
  • Think some one read my reply on one of the other posts. LOL.

    As already stated elsewhere (not long ago) I would have a radicall breast reduction, would also consider liposuction. Is there anything to rid me of the dark circles under my eyes. Had em for loads of years now and need a change LOL.

    Laser treatments to remove unwanted body hair would be a must as well.

    Cant think of anything else at the mo. My stretch marks dont bother me as Have had some for years from too many years of yo-yo dieting.
  • Oooh don't get me started!

    I'd have a lot of lipo to help with allll the fatty bits - thighs, bum, hips, back, legs, arms, face, etc. Though i SUPPOSE a diet could help :-P

    Then i'd get boobs lifted, stomach flattened, bingo wings lopped off and i'm liking the idea of laser surgery on the stretch marks! I didn't know you coulod get that so that will need to be done too!

    I'd also get a FULL hair transplant as this mop is a pile of crap AND i'd get permenant hair removal on EVERYWHERE bar the normal places (eyebrows, eyelashes, etc)

    And a sh*t load of scar removal and a permenant "glow" put under my skin. When i'm rich enough to have all this, the "glow" will not just be a figment of my imagination image xxxx
  • I would have my nose done (don't like it) amd ears pinned back and bigger boobs as they have shrunk since having Lily...sob sob.
  • I wouldn't have anything that would change my looks, just make me feel a little better about myself nackered. I would have
    1) laser to remove my tash,
    2) a boob up lift (not inlargement or reduction),
    3) a tummy tuck to remove the worse of my pregnancy war wounds and the horrible baby bag
    4) Lipo to remove celelite(sp?) on bump and thighs and to reduce my muffin tops. I wouldn't want them gone completly as I like my curves,
    5) pin my ears back. I was offered the chance when I was a kid but my mum put me off saying they thread string through my ears and rap it round my head. My skin would then grow over the string so no one could see it. Don't you just love mothers, LoL.

    Actually that is quite abit, but nothing like some celebs I suppose or too radical. Best start saving now. Ohhh and my dear dear partner if you read this at any point I would NOT be offended if you gave any of the about as a present.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X

    Naked not nackered, LoL. :lol:

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  • After bf my 4 children I would love to uplift my boobs. Everything else I can sort through exercise, but am now 42 so guess surgery may be required soon!!!! Boobs are currently 34F and still bf, but was a 32F before last pregnancy.

    After my second I did go and see a consultant re a mini tummy tuck...partner at the time asked if surgeon could 'sort my boobs out' at the same time.
    I never had the surgery - used the money to divorce the w*nker!!!!!
  • :lol: Trueman, yes it was that post.

    Sounds like ears and boobs are the most popular at the moment.

    I know this is bad but I've already set up an account ages ago that I put the odd few quid into when I get it. Don't think I'm even on a grand yet but I'll keep saving away then one day will go for it lol.

  • I would have a boob reduction.

    They were a 32/34 E/F before Lucy and i hated them with a passion! I would like to go down to a C/D cup, then i could buy nice underwear from high street shops at a fraction of the price of the granny style slings i have to buy from bravissimo and the likes! x
  • Before having Neve I would definately have said yes, in fact I had Septorhinoplasty to straighten the airway in my nose, file down a bit of the profile and straighten in up a bit 5 years ago although that was because of a break as a child.

    But now I feel that if I had cosmetic surgery I would have to explain to Neve at some point that I changed the way I looked because I wasn't happy with myself and I don't like the message that would send to her. I want her to know she is always good enough and that looks are an incredibly tiny part of who we are.

    Secretly though, I would like a boob job but only up to a small C - don't want to look like posh spice who might as well have had them put on the outside for all the subtlety they have lol!

  • I think I'd have a whole body transplant! I'd definitley have a nose job and lipo, plus a tummy tuck and a boob lift and reduction (I'm a GG cup) but I like my bum and my legs lol.
  • i would have my boobs lifted.

  • I want to enter "The Swan" on tv.

    So in reply - YES YES YES, everything but pleeeaaase dont make it hurt lol

  • omg yes i would do it tomorrow if i had the dosh!!

    Once ive lost weight id love to have any excess skin removed. laser for stretch marks, boob job the list could go on!!
  • I would love to have my boobs sorted out, they are totally F****** up for want of a better word. It really is depressing. I wouldnt even want them ne bigger than they were, just looking 'pre-pregnany and babies' again would make me very happy x x x
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