did your waters leak gradually?

For any ladies who's watered leaked slowly over a period of time - what was your experience, what was your labour wards reaction to this and how did they test to see if you really were leaking fluid?

I would REALLY appreciate any replies. This is happening to me each time i lay down to sleep or for a nap, and then sit up I get a trickle and wet bed sheets or knicks. We're not talking huge ammounts here but i KNOW its not urine.

Been at labour ward today... I just can't seem to get pads wet to prove to them, and though they did monitor me, I didnt feel like I was being taken seriously because they kept telling me i would be "soaking through pads" if it was my waters which i know is not true all of the time. I had an internal with a speculum but it was SO quick, she just glanced with her eyes, no prodding or poking about up there and concluded that it wasn't my waters.

I'd only been home a few hours, had a short nap when i got outta bed and got wet knickers again, showed hubby and as I was trickling i whipped my pants down and sure enough it dripped onto the floor. what else could this be other than amniotic fluid?

I'm so frustrating as I know I'm at risk of infection, and this began wednesday evening!!

I've heard other people have had their fluid tested with some kind or strip or swab test or something whch changes colour if its your waters?!

thanks for listening XXX


  • Hi hun i replied in pregnancy

    Take care x
  • hey,

    Mine went just after i went to the loo, i stood up and there was a tiny pop and my knickers felt abit damp. I check them and had a wet patch about an intch wide. An hour later more camne out, it kinda came out in stages. But it all came out in a couple of hours.
    I rang the hospital and they told me to come in to check it was my waters. The midwife did test it, but said she already knew it was. Mine was slightly clear but had tiny white specks in it.

    Hope that helps, good luck

    Gemma x
  • mine went whilst i was in bed i thought i had wet myself but when i stood up there was a small gush and this happened a few times in the time it took me to pack my bag (3 weeks early and very unprepared!) i had to show the midwife the pad i had put in and also give a wee sample when i got to labour ward as im sure they thought i was making it up! if i beared down as if pushing i could make a bit more come out, maybe do that and see if the same happens to you so you can show them? the wee sample also made it obvious as it had little bits floating in it from my waters (sorry TMI!)

    good luck as it sounds like its all starting to happen!
  • prepare for tmi! lol

    i thought my waters had broken and that they were trickling gradually.. went to hospital and turns out it was *cough* discharge. its quite normal a few weeks befoire labour. i was constantly drenched!

    if your at all concerned ring your labour ward image

    how many weeks are you?
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