Routine whilst poorly?

Hi girls,
my lo has a cold at the mo and we were planning on starting pu/pd again today, The thing is I dont think we should as hes not very well and I dont think we should be starting something new when tbh i think he needs more cuddles not less but OH thinks it wouldnt be a problem
I dont wanna be an overbearing mum so what do you think?



  • I like spoiling mine when they're poorly. Natha had a tummy bug before Xmas and we spent nearly all day cuddled up together, with his dummy in his mouth and In the Night Garden on constantly! We had 2 days like this but then went straight back to normal (dummy at bed time only and telly restricted to only once per day) without any problems at all.

    I think they need a bit of extra love and attention when thry're poorly, although oh is then great at getting home and having them running around and giggling loads and so pulling them out of they self pity that I've created,lol.

  • I would wait till he's better as being poorly can effect a routine anyway. And as MumDonna said, lo's need extra love and attention when they're poorly.
  • Hugo had a tummy bug over the weekend (horrid projectile vomiting, poor hugo and mummys nerves) ... no routine for him then, he slept in our bed, was held all the time and ate when ever he wanted a little bit ... yesterday we were back to our usual routine and he doesn't seem to be having any problems with it.
  • Thanks girls cuddles it is! Yay!
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