Any Veggies Weaning A Non Veggie?

I have been veggie since I was 7, and have always been a fussy eater. (I lived off Heinz soup and peanut butter sandwiches for 2 whole years!).

I am determined not to pass this to Hannah who we are raising non veggie.

When feeding her meat, I try and make happy faces, but it's so hard not to gag when feeding her fish! Plus, I am not the best meat cook, having never eaten it as an adult.

We are doing blw, so it's especially difficult when I feed her meat, as she can see I am having something different. She has refused tuna, fish pie, beef and turkey, but loves chicken.

Any tips? :roll:


  • No tips I'm afriad, but I'll watch this with interest! I have been a veggie for 18 years now. I don't like the taste/texture/idea of meat, so I'm not an 'ethical' veggie and am therefore happy for Adam to have meat if he wants it.

    However, I am also v nervous about preparing and cooking meat, and fish even more so! How do I know when it's done?? I asked my MIL for advice and she suggested making (meat) casseroles. I have never made a casserole in my life! Although Hubby eats meat, he is always the one to cook it...

    Good luck and let me know how you get on (I'll be starting weaning in a month or so!)

  • Am interested to see what advice people give... image

    My little boy is only 8 weeks old so this is not an issue for us yet but we have agreed that since I don't eat meat, I won't feed it to Jakob - that will be daddy's job. I would be too worried about not cooking it properly and since I can't/won't taste it I cannot be certain that it is ok. Daddy doesn't like things like bananas and mash (the texture makes him gag) so I will obviously be feeding those sort of foods. Seems a fair deal to me. :P

    Jana & Jakob 8+1 xxx
  • can any other meat apart from chicken be steamed? i only really eat chicken but i find steaming it the easiest way as you can see the colour change, and it goes nice and tender for a little one to eat. good luck finding out xxx
  • Hi

    I hope I can help just a little. I have been a veggie since I was 12 (am now 35!!) but actually am finding it very easy to cook meat and fish for Gabriel.

    The best and easiest beef dish so far has been braised beef with sweet potatoes. You need stewing steak (nice and cheap) plus the sweet potatoes. You brown the steak in a frying pan and place in a casserole dish. Add the chopped sweet potato (large chunks) plus some liquid - I bought ultra low salt beef stock - and then place in the oven (temperature around 160) and just leave for 2 hours. You can then puree once cooked. My husband has it unblitzed and has said it is yummy.

    I also use tinned tomatoes to create a sauce for the beef so that it becomes a pasta sauce.

    Fish you can poach or cook in the oven. Place the fish in some foil with a little garlic, onion etc. with some liquid (perhaps a little water to create steam) and then you can add a sauce afterwards or serve it plain. I make little salmon fishcakes and also cod in a cheese sauce. Both can be frozen.

    Chicken is really easy. Just roast a chicken, take all the meat off and then create different dishes using vegetables plus the chicken. No waste and your OH may just get lucky and have some chicken for dinner!!

    All I can say is don't be scared. Get your OH to try the food first. I am of course happy to feed G meat as it was always my choice to stop eating meat and I personally feel this should be G's choice as well. Having said that we won't be going to McDonalds or KFC if I have anything to do with it!!

    Good luck and if you need help, the Annabel Karmel cook book has some really easy meat and fish recipes.


    P.S Gabriel is now 9 months and has been eating meat and fish since about 5 months!
  • Thanks for all your replies, it's great that I am not the only one!

    Shimmsie, them recipes sound great, and I think I could actually manage them.

    We love going out to restaurants, as I usually get bits of everyones plates for her to eat. This way she gets to eat all the things I wouldn't have in the house image
  • just wantd to add that i teach a girl in my year 11 class who has never eaten meat as her parents are veggie. it's her choice now, obviously, but she has no interest and she cant understand why people do! so if you wanted to, rasie her veggie then she can add meat if she wants when she's older.
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