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I've just given myself a sore head from sobbing so hard through this program. It came on after something i was watching so i just kept watching and it is heart breaking.

Made me realise that all the stresses i think i have over money and work etc really mean nothing in the grand sheme of things. I have my health and a beautiful son and the most wonderful husband and am so thankful for that.

Oh, incase you havent seen it, its a program following different mums and their families as they deal with preparing to die from cancer. Really put things into perspective for me.



  • Just read ur post & found it on plus1. I've only watched 5 mins & can feel myself welling up already. The little things really don't matter!
  • They really dont matter at all do they! Hope you've got the tissues handy.

  • I saw this advertised and decided not to watch it as I'd be a blubbering wreck. I sometimes even cry at eastenders! Do wish the families well.
  • I cant watch it Im in tears for the entire programme and afterwards. Really puts things in to perspective.
  • I cant watch it Im in tears for the entire programme and afterwards. Really puts things in to perspective.
  • seen the ad for it but just cannot bring myself to watch it.
    It a mummys worst nightmare ..knowing you will die and leaving behind your babys.
    I think they are so very brave and I wish them all the very best and hope their families have a settled happy future with many happy memories of their mummys.

  • I so wanted to watch this but got side tracked & forgot to record it. What channel/time is it on?

  • Hi I watched about 10mins and was in such a state i turned off and went to bed.
    My mum has breast cancer, well she is overcoming CAbreast.
    as every person would dread losing their mum, it did make me realise that although it hurts like made to see my mum poorly at least i understand and will always have brilliant memeories of my mum, these poor children are too young for eithe r of that and it is so so sad image
  • I'm crying just reading this so I dread to think what a state I'd be in if I actually watched the programme!

    I honestly can't think of anything worse than having to prepare myself to leave my babies behind and don't know where these women get their strength from. So so sad xxx

  • Im not watching it as I dont get the channel its on, but being in the same situation as these women its probably best I dont!

  • Oh Dylansmummy, I did think of you when watching this program as I have followed your story. I know i dont know you at all but I think you are the bravest, most amazing woman to be going through what you are, as are all the women on the program. I cannot even imagine what it is like. My hopes and thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Couldnt watch it, its such a sad situation ! These women are so brave.

    Dylansmummy - I followed your story and you are one of the bravest women I know !!
  • Thanks ladies, but im not brave I just do what I have to do to keep things normal for Dylan.

    Time is precious whether your here for a short time or live to a 100. I just try and focus on making and leaving memories and I hope one day he will be proud that I was his mummy and knows I loved him more than anything.

    I should really add the package to my sky, I may benefit from seeing people in the same situation

  • I think thats the prorgram done for now but the women shown on it were very inspirational. For some reason I always thought (selfishly) of how awful it would be to lose your Mum or Dad but never thought until watching this program about what the poor person is going through. Not only are they in pain and ill but are trying to accept that they may not see their children grow up.
    Dylansmummy, Dylan looks one very happy baby in your pic!
  • He is a little happy chap D he charms everyone and embarrasses me by shouting to people on the bus if they dont respond to him grinning at them :lol: im a very lucky mummy

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