Babygrows with mits attached

Hi Ladies

Just wondered if any of you could sugest where I can but babygrows with mits attached. My LO scatches her faces in the night and wakes herself up. I've tried scratch mits but she manages to pull them off!!!




  • Have you tried socks as opposed to mittens? We find they work well
  • I was bought some from mothercare - they worked really well as they couldn't fall off or be pulled off!
  • mil got me some baby grows from debenhams which you turn the ends over the hands. think i got some from mothercare.
  • Hiya,
    Next do babygrows with bits that u can fold over lo's hands, altho my lo idn't really like havin her hands covered. Scratch mits r a nitemare!
  • i think almost everywhere does them, next, mothercare, matalan etc etc
  • I've had problems finding them for Eve, if she doesn't have them on her hands feel freezing during the night. Best place I've found is next, be careful if you get them from Mothercare - all the sleepsuit packs say on the front they have scratch mitts sewn in but I bought some 3-6 months and then saw the small print at the back of the pack saying it's only up to 0-3 months so had to take them back. Next do them up to 3-6 months.
  • I find Next ones really good and they are so pretty to. x
  • try t j hughes if you have one near you they are only 2 or three quid and they are great x
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