Max is finally Crawling!!

Well he started crawling yesterday just took off lol he is 11 months now so you think he gonna be a later walker?? i'm not bothered just glad he is crawling at long last! also get my great dane puppy tomorrow!! calling him dennis lol how are you all?? xxxx


  • You'll have your hands full with a lo and puppy - both crawling round!!!!!

    Charlotte commando crawled at 8 months and on hands & knees at 11 months. She's not quite walking independently yet at 19 months. All lo's are different and will do things when ready - no sooner!

    Love to see a piccie of Dennis (the Menace)! xx
  • will put some on tommorow! he's gorgeous!! he's a great dane harlequin! he gonna be a guard dog mainly, but hes been brought round kids so far and his parents have too! xx
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