More treats.....

I'm sooooo happy that BE is getting happier and more postive.

Am passing round the choccies! I have mini toblerones, mini eggs (left over from easter) and peanut m&m's.

(see my other topics - I said i'd pass round choccies when my teacher speaks topic got pushed to pg 3! lol)


  • Mmmmm, toblerones. I have loads of fruit and nut and whole nut mini dairy milk sweets, but can't eat them as hubby has allergies and am still breast feeding (not hubby obviously, lol) xxx
  • lol

    I was told that I can eat nuts when breastfeeding but it's better to be safer than sorry as your hubby has allergies.
  • Am very jealous, lol. Really wanted ferro rocher (sp?) at xmas too... xxx
  • were you specifically told not to have nuts? (sorry being nosey)

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  • Yep unfortunately as my pregnancy craving was peanut butter in ready brek! I've heard that as well Niki, but mine told me not to an so far it's the only thing the 3 at our clinic agree on. Must just be because of my hubby though as my friend was told she could have them and it was the same HV. xxx
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