My poorly princess has bronchiolitis & blue hands???

Tabitha is 18 weeks now and started with a cold last wednesday (caught off her older sister) on saturday morning she started really wheezing so took her to out of hours doctor, he said she had bronchiolitis and it was a viral thing so antibiotics wont work, sunday she seemed much better and was starting to smile again (thank god) monday she was again seeming better but off her milk, then today she's been really unsettled and only had 9oz of milk and running temp so I went to the doctor and he has said she may have a secondary infection and given her antibiotics for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! my poor little girl she feels so sorry for herself and looks really pale but her hands keep going blue?????????? not staying like that though and googled it so not over worried (I keep telling myself)

Anyones lo had this ?



  • Awe poor Tabitha. It is quite common that los do have slightly poor circulation in their hands and feet perhaps with all the work her body is doing she's just struggling to keep all systems check. Perhaps just massaging her hands when you see them going blue. Poor little one, I hope she is on the mend soon

  • Bless, poor litle thing, I hope the antibiotics work quickly and she's better soon

  • Hi hun, I would keep an eye on her (I'm sure you are) my daughter who is 9 now had bronchiollitis when she was 5 weeks old and she started off with blue hands and feet that didnt stay like it, within 5 days her breathing had got worse and she ended up in hospital on oxygen and being tube fed for a week. not all cases are as bad and most babies can be treated at home but just be aware babies can go down hill quickly xx
  • Thanks everyone

    OMG Hayley I if I'd known that last night I would have been camping in the hospital car park, glad she got over it. It's so upsetting though cause I can't really do much for her, but thankfully today (well this afternoon) she seems a lot brighter and has finally had a full bottle and has been doing some babbling so it looks like the medicine has kicked in now, she's still not 100% though and her hands do still keep going blue so am still keeping a very close eye on her

  • Hi, hope she's feeling better now.

    I agree with Hayley. My youngest had Bronchilitis last November when she was 8 months old & ended up with an overnight hospital stay on oxygen. She was really sucking in around her ribs where trying to breathe so they admitted her. It sounds like she may be over the worst of it but trust your mother's instinct. If you think something's not right then get her up to A&E.

    Claire x
  • Ladies I am worried now!! -One of my twin girls 6 weeks was diagnosed with Broncillitus today. Doctor mentioned hospital if she does not improve. She on antibiotic (2 x 1.5ml already and then 1.5 three times daily) and a steroid. Had stuffed nose foe a while which was not clearing - had temp of 36.9 when left house and 37.3 by time returned. Seemed to have got worse as we waited in surgery !! - Anyway sleeping now and seems more comfortable but had the sucking in of abdomen earlier whicjh has eased now. Hopefully she stays and improves or I will be heading to hospital - worried sick xx
  • Oh dear I know what you're going through but my baby isn't quite as young as yours. If breathing gets bad again take her into bathroom and run hot water taps or stand in the kitchen with kettle boiling, I think as long as they are feeding at least almost normal and arent struggling too much breathing then she should be fine, the worst part lasts about 1-3 days, if you are at all worried though take her straight to hospital, you know your own babies even so young, hope she's better soon and the other one doesn't get it, I have 2 poorly princesses now Scarlett came home from pre-school yesterday with a sickness bug I am hoping and praying Tabitha doesn't get it, I dont think her little body can cope with much more even though she is loads better xxxxx
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