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Hi ladies

I just wondered at what age babies start to sit up. My little girl is 6mths (27wks tomorrow) and she will happily sit on my knee unaided (bit of a wobbly sometimes) and sit on the sofa but whenever I put her on the floor to sit she just lays back. Is this normal? How can I help and encourage her to sit up on her own.



  • liam started when he was about 6months. i just put him on the floor on day and he just sat there unaided.
  • Zacky was sitting unaided from quite early (bout 5 mths I think). Think this had to do with 2 things really. He was used to being in the company of older children (usually 4-5-mths older), so he saw them doing things that he wanted to try and do. SO we would sit behind him on the floor so he could sit but still lean on us when he needed to. He then started to lean forward when sitting, after a while he would lean too far forward and face flop (we put a pillow in front of him to stop hurting himself). Eventually he started pulling himself more upright and sitting unaided for longer. Second reason is he takes after my moms side of the family and is as nosey as he can get. He realised he could see more if he was sat up rather than lying down.

    Dont get me wrong though even at 30 weeks now he still gets wobbly when he is tired. He even fell over and hit his head yesterday, poor thing.

    Have heard that most children would have learnt how to sit unaided between 8-10 months, but this is only a guideline. Bear in mind that all LOs will do things in their own time, its just up to us as parents to encourage and support them.

  • Gabe started a few days ago, at 8 months.

    We found the best way to encourage him to sit unaided on the floor was to put him between my legs, sitting up, facing out. Then to put some small toys in front of him (Gabe likes shapes from a shape sorter). Then when he was engrossed in the toys and sitting well, move back so he was on his own and he would sit for a good 20 seconds on the floor before falling back.
    I did this a lot but in the end he only did it when he wanted to!

    I can't leave him yet as hes still quite wobbly, he usually gets his balance back but has fallen over before and banged his head! It didnt bother him though as we have soft wood floors covered by carpet.xx
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