how much milk with 3 meals?

how much milk does you LO take on 3 meals a day?

we were on 27oz over 4 bottles but over the past week has been refusing his mid morning and afternoon leaving us on about 16oz, is this enough? i cant see how i can give him more milk unless i take his solids away which i am reluctant to do?.


  • Hello,
    When your LO is on 3 good meals a day they recommend they need around a pint or 20oz. This can be in milk, cheese, yogurts, porridge etc.
    My LO has around 4oz plus 3oz in porride for breakfast, 7oz mid afternoon, and around 5oz at tea. He usually has around 2 yogurts a day plus occasional cheese sauce, etc.
    Hope this helps/
  • Thats fine hun - Hospital told me 15oz is enough milk for calcium when they are on 3 meals a day. My Lo probably drink 12-18oz a day (she doesn;t really like milk anyway since her Reflux was very bad) S XX
  • i make lizzie 3 8oz bottles a day and out of the 24oz she normally takes about 20-21oz.
    this is her routine:
    breakfast- bottle (somewhere between 5 and 8oz) and then either small bit of soya yogurt or fruit, its about half a small jar, if that helps with size)

    lunch at 12-12:30 veg puree follwed by fruit puree- mothercare do small weaning pots and i give her one of these with veg and one with fruit, but they are fullt o the brim)

    3:30- bottle mostly 8oz

    5:30- same as lunch

    9pm-8oz bottle

    what is your routine like? I changed the routine until she would take the milk and solids, hence the food and soilds being at different times.
  • thanx ladies

    we have a yogurt every day and porridge for breakfast image
  • wannababy

    LO goes to bed between 7 and half past so i dont want to be waking him for a later feed, we have brekkie about 7/8, lunch at 12/1 dinner at 4/5 and bed bottle around 7, we were having a bottle at 11 and 3 and he would still eat his solids but he wont anymore?
  • personally (and i know other people will probably do it differently) but i would cut out one of his bottles completly and go down to 3 as he may very well take all of 3 bottles not hardly any of 4 (f that makes sence)
    if it doesnt work it wont cause any harm for 2 days x
  • he will only take 2 of them will have 2/3 oz at most is i offer one of the other two, so he is currently having one on waking and one at bedtime
  • sorry im out of ideas. like SLOW said only thing you can do if he isnt interested in the milk is to try and get cheese,yogurt ect in his meals xx
  • hi hun,

    Could have written this post myself! The twins have been cutting down their milk supply over the last 2 weeks by either not taking much milk out of a feed ie 2-3oz where as they were having 6+oz to point blank refusing the whole thing- its driving me mad thinking there not getting there proper intake but if they don't want it they don't want it!

    It was only when i was reading the back of the follow on milks in tescos today (thinking about whether to move on to it) that it "suggested" that at 6 months they only need 500-600ml of milk a day if you divide that up among 6oz bottles as they suggest it works out to be around 3.5 bottles a day, the rest can be made up from other "dairy" products!

    So going to try this tomorrow:

    5:30-6:00am (ish) bottle
    7:00am porridge
    11:00am bottle
    12:30pm lunch, veg and yoghurt
    4:30pm dinner
    6:00pm bottle

    Not sure how it will work out but they seem more reluctant to drink the afternoon milk so it seems easier to drop that one to start with.

    Good luck
  • thanx

    he has been on hungry milk since 8 weeks so next week i think i will start the follow on milk and see if he will take more, i have been reluctant to buy the follow on being on hungry baby but i guess its worth a try x
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