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Goodness, i am really emotional today! Toby is at his full day taster at the childminders and i am at home sorting out. Welll trying to sort out inbetween crying!

Toby is 10 months old and is my world, i love him so much it is unimaginable to put into words properly.

Anyway - the changing unit has just been dismantled (he is too long for it) and i remember so clearly 2 days before my induction adamant that we needed 2 changing units, so hubby trundled down to argos and got it - and here i am now dismantling it. Everything has an amazing memory and i cant believe how quickly he is growing into an amazing little man.

The excitement of packing the hospital bag and i found a list of about 150 different things - most of which i didnt need!

Anyway the point of the post is - savour every moment - write as much down as you can save every toe nail clipping (that might be taking things a little too far sarah!) and enjoy every minute.

Goodness we are so blessed

Sarah and Toby 10.5 months x


  • Oh no you've got me blubbing here too! Emily is 7 months now and we put some of her stuff in the loft last night, i can't believe how quickly time as gone by. It's amazing how your love for your baby just grows and grows every day.

    When i look back i stressed a little about letting her sleep on me during the day and when to put her in her cot. I eventually just decided to go with the flow and take her lead, i am so glad i did! she still loves a cuddle but is far too heavy to sleep on me and likes her space in her cot too much!

    What a lovely post image

    Lx (blub...blub...sniff) :lol:
  • Oh you have me crying now!! X
  • Oh it's so true, thanks for reminding us.
  • Too right Sarah xxx
  • Hhhmmmmm....I think I'm broody! We are all so blessed
  • I'm blubbing too! So true & my lo's only 19wks xxxx
  • Oh summer76 I am so with you - we are going for (my) Toby's 2 hour settling visit at nursery today and the full day one tomorrow, he is only 8.5 months and I'm so heartbroken to be leaving him. We have just moved overseas and some of our stuff took 3 months to arrive - by the time it got here he had grown out of so many things like the changing unit, his bumbo etc. We have put them away for No 2 but it really feels like the end of an era...our Tobys are growing up!

    I console myself with the thought that this step is actually going to be good for him. It will be good for him to have some time away from me, hang out with other children etc plus there will be benefits to
    having more money in the house once we are back to two incomes and we can afford a few luxuries like swimming lessons.

    Hope your Toby's day goes well, I know I'm going to be ringing nursery every 5 minutes to check on mine!!

    C xo
  • Well - i picked toby up at 6pm and he was playing cars with the other children - i watched as i was signing contracts and was just amazed at how much he had changed in just one day - crazy - he loved it though which is brilliant x
  • Yay!!! That sounds lovely, how great that you've found somewhere he will be happy image
  • Oh hun I have been like this the last few weeks with Olivia, tomorrow she is 11 months and I cant believe my little tiny baby girl is going to be 1 in 4 weeks and she is now becoming a little toddler, I have bee so emotional and part of me is feeling so sad that she is growing up so quickly!! :cry:
  • aw glad he settled well I'm dreading going back to work as I remember these feelings so well with ds1 I used to cry all the time, thankfully I'm still off until March and intend to savour every moment x
  • this post! Meeting with potential childminders this week and next and so scared!
  • Arrrrgh, I think I have something in my eye (*blows nose loudly and wipes eyes*)

    I think I actually feel broody for the first time since Hugo's birth!

    Peeptoe and Hugo (9mths, 1 week)

  • I love you, Sarah, always be this fascinated and in awe of your son. You remind me of all the good stuff about being a mum underneath the craziness I have. Thank you, chick x x x
  • Soooooooo true! I have to admit that I still spend ages just staring at my little girl and can get quite choked at times! I regret all the time I wasted worrying and fretting over silly things in the early days ... 13 months down the line I am sooooo much more relaxed! We are all very lucky ladies x
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