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Ball pit balls ,,,


I took my lo to a play centre the other day and he loved the ball pit (he's almost 9 months) so I want to get some for his travel cot. I am kicking myself that I didn't get the Early Learning Centre ones last week when they were on special offer (not now image ...)

They are currently ??10 for 100 and I see they have good reviews for not squishing. Does anyone have any from anywhere else that they would recommend? How many do you think I would need?

Many thanks



  • Tescos normally do big net bags of them hun x
  • I brought my Niece some from Asda, they were ??5 for the same size bag! And the ball are good quality too.

    I saw a bag of ELC balls in the charity shop yesterday for ??3! Wish I had brought them now!
  • Hi Claire. Yes, I saw the balls in Tesco in the summer. They don't have any now so I would need to pay for postage anyway - unless I can find any in another nearby. Do you know what the quality is like?

    Dinks, thanks. We don't have an Asda too close by but I could always do a run to the big one about 50 mins away if I know they are good quality. Might give them a ring and see if they have them in stock (and check out the clothes while I'm there ... ;-D!)

    How many do you think I need for a travel cot. I was thinking 4 bags (which makes Asda's fab!)


  • I think the quality of the tescos ones are fine, in fact better than some as they are quite soft and squidgy whereas some are quite hard for lo's
  • I think you'll probably need more than 4 bags for a decent quantity in a travel cot. I got the ELC ball pit/paddling pool and 1 pack didn't even cover the bottom of it, and that's small in comparison. Probably best to get 4 or 5, then get some more if it still isn't full enough.

    Argos seem to do them pretty cheap and I don't think the quality is that bad.
  • i have the ones form asda there not as hard as the one from the soft play areas but are still ok have used them all summer and they have't lost their shape
  • Tesco do them ??8 for 2 bags of 100 and they fill Lily's paddling pool great! image
  • Hi

    Thanks all. I went to Asda and the bags are reduced to ??2.50 - bargain. I bought 6 and have just put 2 bags in and I think that that is OK for starters. Still, its good to have back-ups ....

  • thats for that wildkat. my local asda isnt big enough to sell this. I rbought 2 bags from tesco in the summer and they just about do half a second layer in my lo paddling pool. Now she is 17mths a few more balls would mean she could actualyl play in there.
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