Baby Bouncers - when to stop using?

Just a quick question - how old was you baby when you stopped using a baby bouncer with it? I'm looking at buying one which says it is not suitable for babies who can sit up unassisted - is this normal?

E xx


  • I think that is normal as when they can sit up they can bend forwards and this can make the while thing catapult over IYKWIM. Some have full harness straps on them - including shoulder straps, but tbh since my LO can sit its a bit of a struggle getting her to recline even in her car seat!

    hth xxx
  • My lo is almost 10 months and still in her mamas and papas bouncer but she has learnt to climb out of it, so ours will probably go away soon, but she can sit unaided, crawl and stand. I use it for keeping lo sitting for a while after her bottles as she has reflux.
  • Our LO was around 7 months when we stop using it purely becasue he could wriggle out and would bounce so hard it nearly tipped over.

    But for those first 7months it was a god send and i couldnt have lived without it x
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