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Blood clots after the birth

Hi everyone,

I had my little girl 3 days ago (Sunday morning) and when I went to the loo I just lost a large blood clot which although I didn't see, I'm guessing was the size of a golf ball as I felt it go out of me and it made a large splash! I have since lost two small clots the size of a fingernail, this has been in the past hour.

My blood loss hasn't changed and it's still what I consider to be quite light considering, and this did happen after I got up about an hour after having a midwife palpate my stomach to check my uterus was contracting back well (which it is apparently) so I wondered if perhaps she'd dislodged a clot.

Does anyone know if I should be concerned, or only if I start losing blood heavily? I can't help but worry as for some reason I'm petrified of bleeding heavily/PPH as everything else has just gone so smoothly. I did call the birthing centre that I had her in and they said it's okay as long as I don't start bleeding heavily or losing much more, but I was just curious as to whether anyone else has had this?

Sorry for the TMI in this post - but I'm sure you're all used to it having had babies already!

Kat & Sophie x
3 days


  • Hi Kat,
    Congratulations on your little girl!

    As for the clots, I think anything under the size of a 50p is normal. If your worried then call your midwife my lovely.
  • I remember when I had my ds seven months ago, I had a shower 2 days after hte birth and a golf ball sized (maybe even a tennis ball size!) clot fell out of me onto the shower floor!! My hubby had to come in and hand me tissue to fish it out as it was way too big for the plughole! Sorry that was v graphic!!
    I went to the midwife that day and she was totally blase about it, saying it was fine. I didn't worry about it again. I bled for 4 weeks after the birth but not heavily, just the norm I suppose. I really wouldn't worry.
  • Thank you, that's really reassuring to hear! The midwives work on a pager system so I'd need to send an urgent page in order to get in touch but I feel a bit bad given the time of day!

    I'm feeling a little better about it, my blood loss hasn't got any heavier since it happened so perhaps it was just a one off - I hope so!

  • Hi, i had a big clot, golf ball size ( flat obviously!) i would say. told mw and she said i should worry if its the size of an orange!!!! she also said better out than in!sorry for the tmi!
    congrats on your new arrival! x
  • I had lots of clots in my blood loss of different sizes. I called the mw and she said not to worry unlessit was the size of a clenched fist so I'm sure you're fine x
  • Just to say I had exactly the same thing. It came as a mega surprise when I was sat going for a wee!

    It plopped and splashed me lol!! I panicked and broke out in a sweat. I felt absolutely fine though apart from being scared.

    I told my hubby and he said to call the midwife. I didn't bother as I didn't feel ill, faint or anything. I knew it was a clot. It was bigger than a golf ball though! but then I suffer really bably with clots, veins and piles anyhow so its not a surprise to me to have big fat clots slipping out of me after a birth lol!!

    I mentioned it to the health visitor when she came a few days later. She said as long as I felt fine theres no problem. She said its quite normal. I felt fine in myself and to be honest YOU are the best judge of how you feel anyway! no midwife or health visitor can tell you how YOU feel!

    I'm sure you'll be fine!
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