Would you give paracetamol?

Grant has been slightly off his food the past two days, he's leaving between 3oz and 1oz per feed off a 6oz bottle. I've changed his teat size and he's still leaving some at the end.

He's also stopped wanting to play on his own but will sit with me and oh and giggle away. Today I tried to put him in his bouncy chair and he screamed so hard he was virtually sobbing. It doesn't sound like an attention cry because all he does when he's picked up is grab hold of my clothes and bury his head in, wheras of it's attention me going over is usually enough to stop him crying. He's now curled up in my arms sleeping for his third nap today! He's been awake since 6.30. He doesn't have a temp either but is dribbling, does put his hands in his mouth and did have slightly red cheeks earlier. Would you give him paracetamol?


  • if it was my lo i would personally try some teething gel or teething powders first to c if that helps, and if not maybe a bit of calpol. hope hes feeling a bit perkier soon. xxx
  • yes I would give paracetamol. I give it to my lo if he's a little unsettled...if it helps you know pain was the cause if not then he doesn't get anymore and I know he's just having one of those days!!!
  • I usually give paracetamol if I really am unsure of what is wrong and the only thing I can think of is teething pain. Then I remember I have teething powders! But like Katstar says, if they are still unsettled after a dose of calpol then you know that wasn't the problem and just pray for bedtime haha. Hope he is better soon x
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