bottled water

can i give grace bottled water such as evian? or does it have to be cooled boiled?
she is almost 10 months



  • no.i red that ur nt supposed to giv bottled water only cooled boiled water
  • no i red ur only supposed 2 giv cooled boiled water to babies
  • Most bottled water has too much sodium in it to be suitable for babies. I think (please don't quote me as I'm not certain) you need one with a sodium content of less than 10 parts per thousand, off the top of my head I think evian is ok but most of the others aren't. Even if it is bottled it still needs to be boiled before use. I found all this out when we took Millie to Mallorca the first time when she was 9 months!!
  • Hi,

    you can give water straight from the tap from 6 months. with bottled water, some, not all are suitable and it should say on the bottle.
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