sleeping a lot at 6 months

First of all i know i shouldn't complain that lo is sleeping loads but i just wonder why?

For the last 2 weeks naps have gone funny. He used to sleep for 1.5hrs in the morning and 1.5-2hrs in the afternoon. I then had a couple of days where he slept 2.5hrs each sleep then this is where it went wrong! He now gets tired and whingy after only 1 hr of being awake (used to manage 2-2.5hrs) he self settles and will sleep for 45 mins to 1hr (at most 1hr 10min) He wakes up happy and smiley then is whingy and tired again within an hour and the pattern repeats all throughout the day.

He just seems so tired all the time...yawning and rubbing his eyes. I can stretch him out longer (to 2hrs) but it's a struggle and then he has trouble getting himself to sleep. He sleeps well at night (7-7) and i'm weaning the dreamfeed - it's now only 5oz at 9.15pm.

He has just learnt to sit up and is commando crawling so is 'on the go' all the time he is awake.

Anybody else been through this with their lo? I'm not sure if i should just go with it or start some sleep training?

Thanks x


  • It sounds like he's using all his energy being a clever chap with his crawling!! My son did something similar when he learnt to crawl at the same age. Can't remember how long it lasted but it was probably a couple of weeks. As long as he's eating and is happy when he's awake I recommend just going with the flow as it'll be over before too long and you'll be wanting it back lol
  • Thank you ladies. I'll just follow his cues for a few days and see what happens x
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