banana- freezing?

hi, jus wondering if any of u freeze pureed banana?? ive just made loads then saw in the annabel karmel book it says not to freeze banana? does any1 know y?? thanx ladies. xxx


  • its not good hun mine went brown n made luca sick silly me
  • I don't think you can....can't imagine it tastes very nice either!

  • Hmmm I not tried Pureed but I always freeze whole bannanas as I cant seem to get through a bunch quick enough before they go off. I take the skins off, wrap in cling film and freeze for a smoothie. I guess thats different - sorry I posted something useless LOL

    26 weeks and 3 days

  • its juat that i used to work in a nursery and they always froze pureed banana, then when i come to do it, the book says not to? oh well, thanx for ur replies ladies, think i will just bin what is left over after tomorrow. xxx
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