Babyproofing your home

Now that Hugo has become frighteningly mobile, I've started thinking about what baby-proofing is required. Looking at my home with fresh eyes, it's a complete death trap!!!

Apart from the obvious like stair gates, what else should I be baby-proofing and what really doesn't need it? I've seen plug guards, cupboard latches, loo latches etc etc. For those that have mobile babies, what have you used and what do you recommend? What was a waste of time? In my more neurotic moments, I can imagine Hugo pulling the CD stand over on himself by pulling out individual CDs but short of covering the whole place in bubble wrap, I don't know what I can do to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.



  • Haven't had to do this yet but when KB1 was at my house with Oliver, I noticed that he really went for the plug sockets and also pulling on anything dangling, ie computer/printer/tv cables etc so I would deal with all those as a priority!

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  • I think charlottes right, plug sockets and cables are really the main things. My hv came to mine last week and that's what she pointed out straight away. That and to round the corners of our tv stand. Gates are good and esp forthe kitchen too to make sure baby can't get in there, or invest in a play pen so they can play safely in the kitchen with you.

    One girl on here said that she doesn't beleive in removing everything because it doesn't teach the child restraint and o kinda agree with her, sounds daft but I got down to babies level (looked so funny lol) and looked around to see what things stood out...I actually think the radiators are quite dangerous too! (banging head wise) x
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