Hi ladies

I wonder if any of you can help

my baby sister had a little girl this morning. She landed up having an assisted delivery (forceps) so had to be cut.

I was lucky and only had grazes but that was painful enough. Does anybody have any ideas on anything that can make her a bit mor comfortable or help with the healing?

She had a really rough labour so want to help make things as easy as possible



  • a nurse on here, and my mum when i had dd, recommended salt baths.
  • My midwife recommended tea tree oil in the bath to prevent infection, and not to use soap but to just cleanse with a warm flannel.

    Arnica is supposed to be good but I think you have to take it in labour.

    Sorry that's not much help

    Congrats on your niece though!
  • my nurse recommended badedas chestnut bath foam , no idea if it works as I just took paracetamol and tried not to look down there lol
  • I had a deep 2nd degree tear and stitches about 5 weeks ago with my boy as he kind of shot out! I second the Badedas to bathe in and wash the area regularly in the day as it is naturally antiseptic to minimise risk of infection (can get it from boots) and as for pain - I was in bloody agony the day after the birth and came home with just paracetamol - community midwife took one look at me and my John Wayne waddle and got me some 50mg Diclofenac (anti-inflammatory) and I high recommend it - it's like strong Ibruprofen (can't take the two together tho). I felt better within hours.

    oh, she also told me to wrap some ice in a cloth and hold it down there on the stitches - luckily the drugs did the job as I really didn't fancy ice on my bits and bobs!!!

    hope that helps

    Suz x

  • def. arnica tablets- help with the swelling x
  • I had Diclofenac (prescribed) and also arnica tablets (homeopathic, from Boots).
  • I had a forceps delivery and episiotomy. When i was really sore I used an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel for about 10mins three or four times a day. This really helped with the swelling and numbed the pain for a little while. The pain went about a week or so after birth.

    Congrats on your neice! What did your sister call her?

  • Hi,
    g/c but someone on here I think said a bath with a few drops of lavender oil in an eggcup of milk (to help the oil travel through the water) every day for a bit is very good.

    With the arnica tablets what strength would be recommended? I think I also read its not a good idea if you plan to breastfeed but I could be wrong?
  • I had forceps delivery with my first anf tore. I would strongly recommend drinking lots of water. Sounds silly, but it will dilute her urine and make it stop stinging when she pee's! lol.
  • I also had assisted delivery and apart from keeping the area really clean and DRY I was advised to keep off my perineium - so as little sitting as possible - lying down as much as possible.

    Arnica and diclofenac are also life-savers.

    Congrats on your new niece! Little girls are the best!!!!

  • hey congrats on your niece!

    i had second degree tear and i really suffered with it!
    i found tea tree oil on pads every time they were changed was really soothing, smelt nice lol and naturally antiseptic. apparently tea tree oil doesnt dissolve in water so bathe in lavender oil but not for too long - wet stitches are not conducive to healing!! arnica wwas a life saver and fine if she breast feeds

    another midwife told me of hypercal from neals yard but i only got it towards end of stitches healing anyway so it didnt wow me lol - u can put it on pads or in bath or even on damp flannel and hold it there!!

    also - sounds gross but weeing int he bath is way better than loo!!


    jane xxx
  • I too had forceps and an episiotomy, my me said you'd have to use a whole tub of salt for that to work lol so i gave that a miss.
    All i can advise is keep the area clean, try to let the air get to it for a few hours a day...i laid on the bed on a towel with nothing on whilst LO had a nap in the afternoon.Also take paracetamol every 4 hours even through the night, and the best thing is to get as much help from everyone as you can coz just getting up off the sofa hurts but it does get better even if you feel like it never will!
  • I had 2nd degree tear but refused stitches. anyway I was told to buy one of those cusions you can get for elderly people to sit on who have piles (like a donut ring). would that help? and also pouring warm water over her bits and learning forward as she pees.
    holding a clean sanitarty pad against her bits when she opens her bowels and I would also advise something to help softern her bowel motions if she can so it doesnt feel like shes passing bricks against her stiches.
    strong pain killers are good!-tell her to ask for some if shes not offered!
    and as already suggested lying down when she can instead of sitting up and standing up slowly x
  • With the arnica tablets what strength would be recommended? I think I also read its not a good idea if you plan to breastfeed but I could be wrong?

    Sorry, not sure about the strength thing - whatever they sell in the little tube in Boots, though I don't think it matters as my midwife didn't specify when she recommended it.

    It's definitely fine to take arnica tabs whilst breastfeeding. :\)
  • I also had a forceps and an episiotomy and my midwife gave me witch hazel liquid to put on the maternity pad - helps with the healing (and I healed really quickly). I second the tea tree baths. Also, I was told to use a hairdryer to dry the area after a bath so the stitches dont stay moist (sounds gross but I tried everything to help them heal quicker!)
    Congrats on your new niece x
  • oh the peeing and pooping was awful and scary after stitches - but it will get better. btw, don't tell her to get a donut ring to sit on, my mw said that will just make the perimuem sag and pull on stitches/area more. is best to lay down or sit on hard chair if upright.
  • G/C But just wanted to give you my tips that helped me loads after an episiotomy and stiches.

    I bathed every day with tea tree oil in the bath, then i dried down there using a hair dryer on a cool setting.

    Peeing was the worst thing in the world, leaning forward, with your hands on the floor helps. I showered down there after using the loo, then dried with a hair dryer again.

    Letting plenty of air get to the area too, i lay in bed with only an old bath towel underneath me.

    Hope it's better soon for her, and congratulations on your new neice xxx
  • I had Diclofenac and also arnica tablets (homeopathic, from Boots).
  • I had a Episiotomy with my first and it was awful image

    Badidas bubble bath from Boots is really good and also tell her to lean forward when she wees.. as far forward as she can and it will stop the wee touching her stitches so wont sting as much xx
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