Can babies eat - Pate?

Does anyone know as Luke is now eating a sandwich at lunch time and I like Pate was wondering if he would be alloud to have this as well he, is 9 and half months.

Thank you.


  • Hi
    The nursery nurse came to see me today to talk about weaning and she said that babies under 1 shouldn't eat pate.
  • as far as i'm aware the only thing babies 6m+ can't ahve is honey until 1, pat???? is cooked and in belgium (and i'm assuming france/germany/holland also) they give it form 6m+ along with brie etc and blood sausage and other things like that. like i say, not 100% but the only thing the official guidlines say they can't ahve is honey...xx
  • Oh no 2 replies 1 for 1 against any one else know?

  • I wouldn't give pate as with some of them you cant always be eaxtly 100% sure what is in it. Most of it is cooked with a high fat and salt content. Not to mention the odds and ends of 'meat'

    Just my opinion though

  • no its cooked chopped liver, the reason u can't ahve it when pregnant is because of the high vitamin A content x
  • hmm, u can give a runny/raw egg from 6m and surely that ahs the same risk of listeria (plus salmonella?) in all honesty, i did try to find out about 5 months ago when ds was 9m, but no one could give me an answer and i know they give it in belgium, but i haven't given it to ds yet anyway (nearly 15months!) but thats really only because he's allergic to milk and all pat????s seem to have milk/cream in them....weird that the nhs site doesn't say to avoid it before one, the only thing they say is honey... x
  • only thing i've managed to find is this ...

    but again, no mention of pat???? at all, is odd that there is no official yes or no, but there is for absolutely everything else (well except nuts but thats jsut a minefield)

    lol SB, not surprised TJ loved it, its delish! i ought OH some last week and then sat there looking at it longingly while he tucked in lol. xx
  • I though eggs had to be cooked all the way through from 6-12 months? I am sure this was in the weaning info from my HV - typically can't find it now.
    Is this the case or have I imagined it as I think Ben would love runny egs with soldiers (like his mummy!)

    Not sure about the pate. I prob won't give it until 1 year due to it being quite salty.
  • happy smurf, ur right, according to that fsa link no runny/dippy eggs til 1yr, i've not given ds a dippy even yet, he only likes egg via eggy bread...but i'm sure i've seen on here people say about egg and soldiers, unless that was in 'toddler', which is probably whre i should be now taht he's 15months lol. x
  • Thanks ladies it looks like its a no then till he is 1.

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