Pregnant and Petrified........

Hi girls, sorry I havn't been on but was really ill over xmas and today my world has come crashing down...

An hour ago I did a test and I AM PREGNANT. I am sitting here crying and shaking in utter shock. I have tried ringing people but just can't do it,I havn't even told Rich yet, as yes we had planned for more children but not yet. I am only just enjoying Mason and we live in a 2 bed flat and I have no job and sooooooooooooo much is running through my head.

I know this may sound like a shitty post as I know some of you are trying but I am sooo upset and I know you girls talk sense, I don't know why I am upset as another baby will be great but I am petrified I will not cope. My mum has never been around and my support network is very small, I don't even know when I would be due etc........

God I am waffling on and am sooo sorry if this offends some of you but just need to let it out.xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • hello hun,

    It's just shock, which is normal and totally expected. It takes a little bit to wrap your head around something so life changing, especially as you know exactly how life changing it is. Dont worry though you will cope amazingly and I genuinely believe these things happen for a reason.

    congratulations and best wishes

  • hi hun, how old is your lo? its really not that bad! i thought i couldnt cope, but you do! i have 3 boys under 5! If its really not what you want i would sort it out sooner rather than later. book in to see ur gp so u can workout dates etc! Where abouts in the world u live? i have made some friends on here who i visit and dont live far fromme! if your nearby too i would defo come helpu out n give u a shoulder to cry onto lol xx
  • Hun, you will cope!! Having two is much easier than you think as you are practised at little babies now! Only you (and Rich) can decide what you want to do, but you will manage. My brother and his oh had their second at the same time as Barney and they only have a 2 bed, of course space is tight but it's not impossible.
    Big hugs
    Kerry xx

    P.S I got my BFP with Millie on the 3rd Jan and she was due 10th Sep so you would probably be about the same. xx
  • Congratulations ! It is a shock and yes it will be hard but you'll cope becuase you just will. If you want to that is.
    Definitely agree you need to tell hubby, maybe he'll be voice of reason ?
    There are others on here who have found out they are pregnant when they have a lo only weeks old, try posting for them and see how they are getting on. CarlyBarly is one and I sure she'd be happy to speak to you.
    Good luck babe, we're here if you need us. S x
  • Thankyou girls for your kind replies, I just can't believe it. I know we should of used contraception but since Mason I have been off it and we prob only done the deed 3 times since he was born!!!

    We have Sam aswell who Rich has sole custody of so 3 kids under 30 just seems sooo surreal.

    I look at Mason and know I have to have this baby, its just such a shock at the moment.

    Thankyou for the dates Kerry, had a look at the calender and yeah its around that time, don't know exact date as periods were still abit erratic after Mason.

    At least I don't have to start my New Years diet now!!!

    Still havn't told anybody, will wait til Rich is home from work.xxxxxxxxx
  • yes bedhead is definately right, two is much easier than one, my first two are 18 months apart and they entertain each other and your first does really come around and wouldn't be without their new little buddy. This is very do able if this is what you want.

  • Hiya hon

    Just wanted to add, I had two that were 22 months apart, one with severe medical needs and I was 20! You'll cope just fine - I'm not supermum am completely disorganised, but I got through and so will you! you'll find the next one gets pillared around as you're dealing with Mason and Sam and it will be a content little thing!

    Good luck honey, how are you feeling in yourself?xx
  • Hiya hon

    Just wanted to add, I had two that were 22 months apart, one with severe medical needs and I was 20! You'll cope just fine - I'm not supermum am completely disorganised, but I got through and so will you! you'll find the next one gets pillared around as you're dealing with Mason and Sam and it will be a content little thing!

    Good luck honey, how are you feeling in yourself?xx
  • oh and about your 2 bedroom flat, we downsized for the time being to two bedroom from our three bedroom because the three girls insist on being in the same bedroom and to me it just saves money and another room to clean, so it can be done to have them share a room when they are still small. My three love having room mates.

  • Hi,
    Congratulations. I know kind of how you feel. My dd was 4mnths old when i found out i was pregnant again.. we were not trying and it was a massive shock, but we managed, it took us a while to come to terms with it but we did. Joe arrived in august this year, there is 12mnths 3 weeks between my two. It is NOT as hard as i feared it would be... honestly you will manage.
    If you ever want to chat..
    Katie, x
  • Congratulations!!

    I got a BFP when Kelsie was 11 weeks old and I was terrified. You need to try and calm down though honey, as it wont do you any good. Speak to your OH later on when your LO is in bed.

    Its not as hard as you might think having to close together. I have 12 months between mine, and to be honest its far easier than I thought. We have a 3 bed house, but Jack will go in with Kelsie until she is 3 or 4. Our 3rd bedroom is very small and could only probably fit a cot and wardrobe in there, whereas their room is about 20ft sqaure so massive!!

    Sometimes you need to be thrown into the situation until you actually realise that you will be ok. It really isn't that hard babe.

    Chin up!


  • Congratulations, i'm sure once the shock has worn off you'll be fine. My friend got pregnant again the first time she had sex after lo was born, at first she found it hard but now she says its worked really well as they are both into the same things so don't fight as much as they could do also she didnt have to buy new baby things cause they were still in style etc. Lol about the diet xxx
  • Hey, just wanna say, DONT WORRY! Of course it's a shock when its not expected, but you CAN and WILL cope! I did plan this pregnancy, and fell pregnant when my lo was only 5 months old. The usual things went through my head, am I ready, what about my lo, finances etc, but I know I will be okay in the end. My living arrangements are all over the place and my OH isnt even in the country, but now I can feel bubba moving I know it'll be okay. You will be too... Just let it sink in and then decide your plan of action xx

    G.x 22+1
  • Thankyou sooo much for all your kind replies, I knew you girls would help calm me down....

    I'm still in total shock, Rich should be home from work in an hour so starting to get panicky again but I know everytime I look at Mason and he smiles at me I know everything will be fine and he will make a great big brother.

    Thankyou again, and I will repost when I have spoken to Rich!! x x x
  • hey hun i can relate!i have just found out that i am pregnant again,grace is 8 mths and we hadnt planned to have another just yet as i also have holly who is 3 1/2 and hubbie has not long joined the armed forces! im sure you will feel better when the shock subsides and when you have spoken to oh about it.Im here if u ever need 2 chat!! xxx
  • wow! congrats hun, i am in shock for you. our lo's were born at same time.
    i think you will do brilliantly, you always seem so confident and seem to have got on with motherhood brilliantly! i hope rich takes the news well.
    my mate is 25 and has 3 kids and she is the best mum i know! she is tired sometimes but she says you just get on with it and manage!
    congratulations by the way
  • Congrats hun, I know how you feel Im due in August and Evan will be just 14 months so near enough the same as you, ive got no family and a very very small support network round me, but its one of those things, you will cope like me cause its what us mums do. Just take time to chill I still havent got my head round it and really scared but im listening to everyone on here to it will be ok and you will manage.

    big hugs
  • Congrats hun, YOU WILL BE FINE! And just remember, there is always someone on here for you to "talk" to.

    I totally agree with Vanilla...everything does happen for a reason.

    Hope you & Rich got to have a good chat about it.

    Sarah xx
  • Hey hun, it's definitely a huge shock when this happens! I was exactly same when I found out I was preg with Evie, and I had Lily who was 4 months old at time. I was in shock for quite a few weeks I think, then I had a bleed and emergency scan and suddenly realized just how much I wanted my baby. There are 12months and 12 days between my 2 and honestly it was much easier having 2 than having one! Be kind to yourself and give yourself some time to adjust to the idea. And congratulations! Oh and I live in a 2 bed house and it's a bit cramped but the girls actually like sharing a bedroom, they talk to each other when they wake up in mornings image

  • Lol Lea!! There are 12 months and and 15 days between my too!! Lovely gap image

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