Boots nappies?

So we're off on hol on sat and i'm going to use disps while we're away, boots own are on offer at the mo, so was wondering if anyone has used them? any good?

After pampers fiasco i'm a bit lost! We dont have supermarket brands over here so limited to huggies, pampers, boots and those grim chrispy natural ones!

Thoughts please image


  • I quite liked the boots own ones - they're similar to the Asda own brand nappies which I really liked.

    Ok, just read the second bit of your post and realised you won't have tried the asda own ones... I think they're good anyway.
  • YUK! They feel like paper and I couldn't even bare to put one against Lyvi's bum!!

    Love NN xxx
  • I did not get on well with Boots nappies (the equivalent of the Pampers Baby Dry ones). I used a couple and threw the rest of the pack away.

    I found they were not wide enough to cover Adam's bum properly, so they were constantly leaking! Adam is large for his age, but I did buy the appropriate size for his weight...

    I'll not be using them again!

  • I have ds1 in size 6 boots nappies. I like them!

  • i have had no leaks wit pampers we use baby dry ones though is it the cative fit ones that they said have started to leak??

    alyssa sleeps for about 12 hours with no nappy change and we have no leaks with the baby dry ones, have to say i agree with NN they feel awful!!

  • We used Boots own brand until lo was around 4months, and then she kept waking up soaked wet through (virtually EVERY morning!!). It didn't seem to make much difference going up a size either, and I actually emailed them to complain.

    We now use Asda's own (which I appreciate is not much use to you!). I would only use Boots with a newborn now, as never had any problems with them then xx
  • Mrs P - I've heard that pampers, in order to make their nappies thinner but just as absorbent have added new chemicals to them and there's been lots of reports of burn-like nappy rash. I'm going to stear-clear of pampers totally - scared of sore bottom, one way to totally ruin a holiday!

  • I haven't tried the boots own ones, but out of your choices, i would probably suggest the Huggies Natural Fit ones (in a red packet), they are really soft and so far we have had no leaks! The super-dry ones i thought were very rough and cardboardy. Pampers have now got a terrible chemical smell, it is awful. We didn't have any leaks with them but they reeked!

  • oh gosh i hadn't realised that now i have no idea what to do???

  • I get on fine with Boots.
  • I like Boots own brand, use those in the day and pampers baby dry at night. No problems here x
  • Hmm my ds has got a really angry red bum today and we changed to pampers last week...i hope its just a coincidence?! I liked Boots own brand but they come up quite small so you need to be careful with sizing
  • We didn't get on with Boots nappies at all, but only because they didn't fit Flynn's body shape well at all. I've used them for other children in my work and had no probs
  • I used to have boots one occasionally for my lo's and i never had a problem with them image x
  • Boots are my favourite nappies, my LO is long and lean and they fit him so well x
  • Well, after reading everyone's posts I took the plunge and bought some, tried them today and I have to say I'm quite impressed! So far so good. Am going to try them tonight too.

    Thanks for all the input ladies

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