You Time?

Do any of you get 'me time'? I get it when i have a shower lol or you could count housework or quickly coming on here when lo is asleep!
But OH realised that he has never taken LO anywhere on his own before so hes gonna do that soon so im looking foward to a long bath and a read of a book
What do you do for me time?


  • i got some me time about a fortnight ago when i went out for the afternoon - first time I had any for about 2 years!
    Most of the time there are things that have to be done, or an Ollie or OH around to sort out...

    that's one of the things we're sorting out these days - so i can get some me time and he looks after the lo's :lol

  • Thats brilliant id love to go to the cinema again not been since the sex and the city film!
    The main reason i havnt had much me time is because im bf and lo wont take a bottle so it limits what oh can do taking him out.
    Now hes on solids though hes only on 2-3 bf a day so hopefully oh will take the reins for a bit. Hes a very busy man too, he goes on 2 hour bike rides every other day, plays squash a few times a week and goes for runs on the days he doesnt cycle and with work aswell it doesnt leave a lot of time plus hes adding college to the list but is redundant from May 10th so hopefully wel see him more then!
  • Lol mummy steph we can dream eh!
  • This is the only me time i get, i really enjoy being on here and whenever i get 5 mins i have a quick look, i know its sad but i find talking to you girls really destressing.

    Im lucky that my mum has the boys on a monday but then i do housework or help dh with his business.

  • iam like you the only me time i get is when i jump in the shower or nip to the loo,the twins do sleep a lot but i have a 23month old son and hes on the go all the time,i guess i will get plenty of me time when they have all moved out :lol:

  • I'm going to start going swimming one evening a week for an hr or so. I used to do that to wind down after work so figure it will some good me time. Used to love curling up with a good book, I miss that.
    Can't complain too much, if I do want to go out of an evening OH happy to babysit, just so long as he gets a few hrs in the pub the following Friday night!!.He's going to start taking Archie swimming every Saturday morning so that i can get a wee while to myself.
    Rainbowshoes, You should go to baby cinema. It's fab and most cinemas do a showing once a week. I've seen loads lately, OH is quite jealous ! S x
  • I feel quite lucky - lo naps 3 times a day and i use that time to flop on the sofa, go on the net or read a book. TBH i really need that time as lo is very demanding at the mo (teething, clingy and having trouble 'down there' as he's just started weaning!). I'm also bf'ing but lo will take a bottle no problems so i have been out a couple of time in the evening and hubby takes him out for walks or to the shops if he gets a day off. Also now lo gos to bed at 7 most nights we get the whole evening and i can easily while away the hours with my nose in a book whilst hubby plays xbox - bliss! xx
  • i didnt used to get much me time cos i didnt like leaving jack ...i think i was a bit of a control freak after i had him and didnt like dan to do things wrong so id do them myself bless him ,but im more relaxed now after having sophia and i get quite a lot of me time too ,i go walking 3-4 times a week for an hour with friends to try and lose my mummy tummy image im off out round town with my friends tonight for a few hours which im really looking forward to (a)cos i have new size 12 jeans that i fit in to and (b)cos i havnt been out and got drunk for quite some time :lol: ....i miss the time that oh and me used to get we cant really go anywhere now cos neither of our parents are happy to look after 2 :cry: xxxxxx
  • Whats that??!!

    I'm sitting here now with Louise on my lap sleeping...

    If i'm lucky i'll get 10/5 minutes in the bath before my dh brings in Louise!
  • I get a lie-in at the weekends and oh will spend a lot of one on one time with Charlotte so I get a rest or get chance to do some housework without a lo literally under my feet!
  • While I was BF it was hard to get me time, but now Lo is 16months and still sleeps 2 hours in the sfternoon I get quite a bit. Now I'm pg again 11+6 OH lets me lie in on a Saturday and doesn't moan that the housework hasn't been done for over 6weeks (whoops!) As we have DIY to do before this baby comes OH does DIY during the time I would normally do housework and he would have LO.
  • hahahahahahahahaha......what's that again?

    if i want half an hour when im not someones mom or cleaner or cook or employee or walker (for the dog not some wierd kind of fetish lol!) i have to stay up until about 12 or 1 in the morning which is not good for my long term sanity when i need to get up at 6/6.30 to beat Harry up in the morning

  • Like you rainbowshoes (can you imagine ACTUAL rainbow shoes? That would be amazing!) I'm bf and LO won't take a bottle, at least, not without getting very very angry first, so I don't feel I can leave her for longer than an hour or so.

    When I get "me" time I mostly do hoursework :roll: Lily does go to bed at about 7pm so I guess I do have 3 hours or so then to myself before bed.

    I don't get lie-ins unless Lily decides she'll snooze next to me for an hour or so. DH always seems more in need of a lie-in than me even though I do all the night feeds :\(
  • PS Pickle82, you beat your son up in the morning?! :lol:
  • only if he's been a pain in the night :lol:

    nah i feel like im behind all day if i dont get my shower and let the dog out before Harry wakes up ... he is very well loved and not beat up at all ha ha

  • Don't get any till Jamie goes to bed at 8pm and only get if I don't have any cleaning or general jobs to do. Jamie has also been bf and won't take a bottle. So can't really have a day or afternoon off from being mummy. getting easier though now hes on solids and only has about 3 bf in the day. xx
  • I get an extra half an hour in bed a few times a week when oh is off or working late, he does 1-10pm shifts twice a week. Since Christmas I've started riding again so I escape for an hour every week or so for that. My two are reliably in bed for 7.30-8 every night so I get some peace and quiet then if oh is on late as well. I'm also having a WHOLE day off on Tues, going to the spa, by myself, for the day and leaving oh in charge!! It will be the first time Barney has been left without his 3pm feed, although he can't always be bothered to have it so I think he will be ok, I can't wait!
  • i don't get any me time really, i have the laptop on all day and when i have a min i'm on facebook but i have to wait til JJ is asleep to have a shower, when he goes to bed i have sterilising and tidying up to do and then i go to bed! x
  • PTB - when i was 13 i really wanted a pair of rainbow coloured shoes i saw in faith so therefor was my email address and every username ive had since! lol
    Might have to try baby cinema is the sound quieter?
  • I guess I'm lucky since stopping bf'ing my sister has had Archie for 2 nights (and trained him to sleep through the night). OH is fab and looks after the boys while I go to running club twice a week & while I go grocery shopping etc.
    To be honest I was beginning to lose the plot so getting some me time was vital !!
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