NCT BFing helpline...any help?!

Also posted in BF chat...

Just wondered if anyone had used this and found it helpful? Or unhelpful?

Benjamin is 10 weeks old and during some feeds will pull off and start crying, but tries to latch back on at the same time. Anyway, I rang up the helpline today and someone called me back - their advice? Try feeding in the bath!!! Don't get me wrong, the NCT is a brill charity and I am sure this helpline has helped many in the past but really - so next time Benjamin is fussing I should just jump in the bath with him?



  • id try winding hm when he does this. thats what do with dd. getting n the bath every time a 10 week old needs feeding!!!! image

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  • What pants advice!
    Yeah i agree with Calleigh, my 3month old does this quite often and its normally cos hes uncomfy with wind. he either throws his head back or shakes his head with his mouth open at my boob (quite funny but frustrating too!)
  • Thanks girls! I wind him every time he does it and he rarely burps, although he will go back on for another little while... But then 40 minutes later when he wants fed again (because he only had 5 minutes the time before) he will feed quite happily for 15 minutes...who knows! xx
  • thats a bit crap advice!! i used my local breast feeding helpline number not the national one do you have one of these or do you have a breast feeding support group near you? Isabelle does this sometimes and some of it is because of wind and some cos my milk is coming out so quick (the first part of the milk) that she cant quite grasp taking it all in. Also make sure you are both comfy if isabelle is not comfortable then she just comes off and wont go back on easily!! Other than that im not quite sure hun but i dont think jumping in the bath is going to help either of you!! x
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