charlotte is 3 months old on friday,but justlately has been quite grizzly and is chewing on herhands all the time but dosent want her bottle.could she be teething?claire x


  • yeah my lo started teethin at about that age exactly same bright red cheeks try and give some calpol or i use bojeala and that seems to settle her down but it is a difficult stage. my lo is 18 weeks and got her 1st teeth through at 16 weeks aahh
  • Sounds like teeething to me too. My lo was just the same at three months and still is off and on. He doesn't yet have a tooth though, he is 6 and a half months now. His dads teeth didn't come through till he was a year, so we could have a long wait!

    Even if nothing is coming through the gums, the teeth have to move into position underneath and that can be really painful.
  • Hey,
    I would totally agree my lo was like that and still is yet not a single tooth has poped through. Just wish they would! But I agree with tyger they shift about and move up and down which is the painful bit. Poor things glad they wont remember any of the pain.
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