how do i get him to settle in crib?

Hi ladies,

My 3 day old baby wont settle himself in his crib. He breastfeeds, falls asleep but as soon as i put him down, he's awake again. Im too scared to let him slepp on me-any suggested most welcome! Thankyou!xx


  • Hi there. when my lo was tiny i swaddled him to feed him as he was always waving his arms about and then when i put him in his crib he still felt secure and stayed asleep.babies have a strong rflex which can wake them if they startle themselves. It will get better.tiny tummy means little and often!hope you are enjoying motherhood apart from the lo slept through for the first time last night and he is five months lol!Good Luck xxx
  • Try a hot water bottle in the crib while you are feeding so that when you put lo down its warm like it was against your body. Swaddling works wonders too as mousenose said. Enjoy!
  • Pixiebob! I missed your announcement over in March but huge congratulations! You must be so delighted!

    Oddly, I was just about to ask a similar question. Peter has been struggling to go down again after night time feeds, which is a bit exhausting. After a hellish night the night before last, he was actually quite good last night. The tricks that seem to work for us are swaddling (although he does wriggle his arms out) and getting him properly off to sleep on my chest before putting him down properly. (Thankfully my rocking chair arrived yesterday which makes this a lot easier for both of us.) We have also started using a slightly heavier blanket as our room gets quite cold in the early hours of the morning, so I think I will give the hot water bottle trick a try as well. Thanks for the tip!

    And congratulations again, Pixiebob! :\)
  • Swaddling is a good starting point. Newborns have a startle reflex and this can sometimes wake them. Use one of his blankets or you can buy proper swaddling robes. They've been in your womb for 9 months wrapped up nice & warm & tight so being out in the open is a bit of a shock! Another trick (though we never tried it i admit) is to put a ticking clock near your lo. Our neighbours did this with their lo's and it helped settle them. You could put one of your tops in the crib out of reach so your lo can still smell you so may feel more settled.
    Congratulations xx

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  • Hi Pixiebob

    Still waiting in march 09 hoping to join you soon-

    My daughter didn't like ging back down either - swaddling for the feed is good; we also slightly raised the matress in her moses basket witha towel under it so her wind came up on its own and didn't wake her - i also had a radio on low when i was feeding and left it on when i put her down - prob same idea as the ticking clock -

    Good luck to you x

    Sue 41....
  • Thanks everyone! He's been really settled today-we've put the moses basket inside the crib and he seems far happier-think the crib was way too big for him!xx
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