Mother & Baby parking (again)

I know we all get wound up when people unjustifiably park in the mother & baby spaces but has anyone got real dirty looks from people when you have parked rightly?

Grrrr, I was so angry today as I nipped to Sainsburys and luckily just as I arrived there was a m&b space directly outside the entrance so I whipped in. Anyway, I may as well have been driving Santa's sleigh judging from the looks people were giving me!! One old couple actually stopped and stood rubber necking me shaking their heads in dissaproval. They obviously thought I had no lo seeing as the back windows are tinted black so you can't see in.
Now I am normally very mild mannered (lol) but I just saw red so couldn't jump out of the car fast enough to yell 'YES?, I have a fricking baby you know!!!'
I then promptly pulled kade from the back seat holding him up as far as poss like a trophy lol.
Needless to say they just walked off without a word lol.

Just winds me up! I know people take the piss by parking when they are not supposed to but I never do that ever, so it just realy annoyed me! Just had to tell :lol:



  • I used to have a Mazda RX8 which looked like it was a two seater but had 4 doors. I used to get glared at constantly when I parked in M&B spaces, despite the fact I always had Millie with me. I always wait untill people are out of their cars before I start giving them evil looks :lol:
  • lol! Thats so funny. I bet you embarrassed those people tho, haha. Look on the bright side though. Maybe they looked at you first and thought you were much too young/thin to be a mummy? :lol:
    I haven't been driving much lately and what annoys me is those perfectly abled bodied lazy buggers who clog up the lifts :x
  • i don't drive but i'd have loved to have seen their faces after you got LO out of the car :lol: !!

    i agree **Tiger Lily** about lifts...ARGHHH GET OUT THE LIFT YOU CAN USE YOUR LEGS, MY LO CAN'T lmao! x
  • God it's so annoying isn't it? It never even comes into my mind to park there if I don't have Kade with me. People are just lazy!!!!

    Thanks Tigerliy, it would be nice to think they thought that :lol:

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  • I hate that as well. I now tend to pass the spaces if I can't get any to see if they have a car seat in the back lol. My husband drives a Subaru and we get rare looks when we park in one because it is sporty looking so I love getting out of the car and going into the back and taking Kara out and looking at them. They just assume you don't have a baby when you have a car that looks sporty.

    Good on you Louise for speaking your mind. People are so pig headed and judgmental.
  • Lol, Louise we have a scooby too, people give me some strange looks when I get LO out of the car (don't know why though, nice sensible estate car!). It was worse when I had a Celica, that was a pain in the arse for getting LO out, and she had to be in the back because of the airbag so I was always glad of the extra space of P&C parking.

    Tigerlily - I am one of the able bodied people who use a lift - I have a severe phobia of escalators and cannot travel on them. Saying that, if stairs are available I do use them and will let people with pushchairs and wheelchairs get in first.
  • MAJOR STEROTYPE NOW!.....(lol)BUT isnt it always guys in sporty cars wearing suits OR guys in work vans,well this as been my experiance!!!!!
    ANNOYING for sure!
  • colligreen - sorry honey! I don't really think of that but should xx My oh is the opposite - terrified of lifts will NEVER go in one... when I was in labour they took me up to theatre in the lift and OH took the stairs!!
  • benjismummy in my experience it is men who wrongly use spaces (inc disabled spaces). We never park in P&C spaces. I dont drive but oh does and we find it easier to park further away with no one at the side and walk that bit further. Although this may change when lo wants to walk herself!!!

    We once had a woman have a go at us for parking close to asda. We werent even in a P&C space (before we had lo). She shouted at us that we should have let her have that space cos she has kids!?!?!? Well she should have got to the supermarket earlier then. Im not sure if she was expecting us to go ok and move the car?
  • No offence taken Tiger Lily!

    We were in Sainsburys last night, luckily we got the last free space, but while we were parking 3 people came back to their cars in P&C spaces - not one fo them had children. All 3 were women as well so should have known better! GRRRR did I glare at them?!
  • I went to asda earlier and there was only one p&c space left and we took it,
    this bloke came up to me and said i was going to go in there you b***h! i was like what the f**k!!

    He didn't even have a child with him so why was he been so rude in front of my daughter! some people do not have manner's at all, i was so angry at the man i was stomping round asda.

    why can't prople just park in a mormal parking space? alot of the parking spaces are near the entrance!!
  • Ooo normally I am fairly mild mannered too..

    :lol: HOWEVER!! ...

    recently I went shopping and took my LO & my mum & auntie my mum has not long broken her arm and my aunt is recovering from a broken leg, Charlie is hugh and heavy.. and we had to do shopping and to get my big buggy out!

    1 spot left in P&B but plenty others.. and a stupid man went and drove in .. in a people carrier and 3 blokes got out.. walking into the supermarket talking about how good it was they got a close space because the amount of beer they were about to buy!

    lol I saw red!

    I pulled my car up right next to his & shouted opened my window and shouted at the top of my voice!
    ' WHERE IS YOUR BABY?!!!' he sort of looked at me and looked away..

    I BEEEEPED my horn and shouted 'WHERE IS YOUR BABY???!!'

    *people were looking*

    He said 'my wife is coming out now to me in a min with our baby' at which I said really loudly 'FINE I'LL WAIT HERE TO MAKE SURE!' about a min later I got out of my car.. walked over to the sign dialled the number on the yellow sign (it didnt go thru don't think I put the right number in i was so angry!! :lolimage and pretended to talk (thank got my phone didnt ring in my ear!) I read out his liecence plate really loudly facing his car so he could read my lips.. he looked a bit worried and made a phone call..

    I got in my car and moved it! parked in a tight spot we had troble getting out of!

    I passed his car sweetly smiling.. seeing him still looking a bit worried & his mates coming out with the beer!

    Maybe a bit OTT on my part think I was due on :lol: but I bet he will think twice about parking somewhere like that again without having the right too! & hopefully he'll be a bit worried that his car will get a ticket in the post! :lol:
  • yeah i have we went to asda once and someone pulled out of a parents space just as we got there so we took it and the guy behind us started giving us dirty looks im sorry but i had two small kids at the time and he was just some jerk in a suit going into asda for his lunch. he shouldnt have even been near that area of the car park as all thats there is mother and baby parking and also pregnant woman parking its not even like he could have cut through to normal parking so he got even more anoyed as he had to reverse out of this area .

    it also drives me mad when ppl wich older children take up the spaces. there really is no need for it, i think in tescos there parking is for kids under 3 and morisons under 5. but ppl seem to think they are justified because they have there 12 year old kids with them.
    whats next a 30 year old saying its ok cause she is with her mum and she is her mothers chid
  • oh thats really winds me up ppl parkin in spaces that they shouldnt. went to supermarket not so long ago all spaces had been taken so we had to park in a normal space and struggle to get my baby boy out the car, looked behind at the spaces saw a lady put her shopping in her 4 x 4 and had no kids with her.
    also gets to me wen parents park in baby and parents spaces and there children are older and can walk etc on there own like 13 yrs of age.
  • Naz7

    yeah i thought it was pretty funny when i had thought about it afterwards as well! :lol: x
  • it amuses me when these trolls come on and post abusive comments like sophie has, All she is trying to do is annoy ppl on here and to be honest is failing miserably because we are all having a good laugh at her expense. Its pathetic on her behalf.
  • Hi lea wasnt referring to you was referring to ppl in general who try to upset the happy friendly BE environment
  • Hi lea pea, no hun, not u at all, im not going to say who cos i dont want to add anymore fuel to the fire than i already have, i should not have replyed to her and created a new post about it, but that sophie who ever just made me so angry by saying what she said when we just come on here for advice.

    I would like to forget about it now, cos this is just adding to her sick games hun.

    Sorry if i made you at all think it was you.
  • lol all i see is becki's reply?? where is the other troll's reply?? i dont see anyone named sophie???? xxx
  • no hun, they removed it cos there was a bit of an argument between me and her
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