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My oh recieved a comp virus through a video link sent on facebook, windows defender popped up and said it was a trojan virus and said to run and install a program, when we click run... our antivirus software and 'windows' wont let us run it, says its a threat..... so we think the virus pretends to be a windows solution so when u run it it infects comp. also when we ran scan it found threats called' trojan false alerts' and removed them. but comp and windows still always popping up threat msgs,... can any1 help?


  • AVG won't erase this virus.

    My boyfriend had this same one, he had AVG, he did adware and spyware scans on different progs, none of the removed the virus.

    'the only prog that removed it is Kaspersky antivirus, it is the best on the market. The full version is not free, but you can download a trial version and get rid of your virus.

    Hope this helps.
  • thankyou for your help guys.... we have avg, i did a complete comp scan and it found no threats... but these fake windows warning pop ups keep coming so im ignoring them as i think 'they ARE the virus! will suggest kaspersky to dh when he home! thanks again xxxx
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