Ju Ju Be BePrepared Changing bag

Does anyone have one of these?

I desperately need a new changing bag!! We use reusables and need a bag that I can fit them in. At the moment I am using disposable when out purely for space saving. Kind of defeats the purpose of using reusables. Plus now LO is weaned need to carry all that junk too!!

So are they as good as they look? Do they justify the price tag?

Joanna xxx


  • When I soon started weaning, I came to the realisation that putting all food bits in a seperate lunch box is A LOT easier, than putting it all in the change bag. And that opened some room in the change bag as well. There is a lot of cheaper and medium priced lunch box type thingies around, and I just put the lunch box in the shopping basket under the buggy. The ones I ve had all have been insulated, so food keeps nice and fresh (warm/cool when needed, which a change bag wont do).
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