Is it ok to use karvol for an 11.5 week old baby

Hi, DD is 11.5 weeks old and has the start of her first cold. Has anyone used Karvol on their babies when they were younger than the recommended 3 months. Would a few days make any difference?


  • what product are you using, we have used to vapouriser but just put it in the hall instead of his room and put some of the oil on a muslin nearby when he was little,
  • The capsules that you put on bedding or muslin
  • we used it and it was fine xx we just popped it on a muslin and tied it to the side of her cot xxx
    sorry for the G/C, my daughter is 2 now lol xxxx
    i love the smell of karvol x
  • We bought the oil & popped it on a muslin & tied it to cot, when she was about 9/10 weeks.....she was fine. Sodding colds! There back with vengeance here image. Should be fine Hun. Xx
  • we had to use, HV & doc advised at 3 weeks old and used Karvol drops and dripped it onto a bid and hund somewhere in living room and his bedroom to help him, also if your have cenral heating on, put wet towels, flannels on them to keep moisture in the air image
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