So angry with oh!! Rant!

Well last night Charlotte would not settle down to sleep. It started off that she was just wide awake so I tried to leave her to settle by herself. Eventually she started to get really upset and was soon screaming the house down. She was rubbing her mouth & putting her fingers in there so gave her some Calpol in case of teething (1st molars?). Anyway this did not settle her and she was soon screaming blue murder.
All this time oh was on his work's laptop working late on a Friday night (bearing in mind on Monday they told him he would have no job in a couple of months). Letting me do all the work whilst saying "Just leave her". Oh yeah lets just leave our poor lo who is obviously in distress - wanker!
So by 10pm she started not being able to catch her breath properly whilst crying and it really scared me as it sounded like she couldn't breathe! I shouted for my oh to come upstairs as scared to move her. No reply - nothing. Shouted for him to come quick - nothing, zilch. So went downstairs with her and he turned round and said "is something wrong"? WTF!!!!!! I could have killed him there & then with one punch!!!
Then to top it off - get this - he said it was my fault she was so distressed as I was "stressing her out".
So all my cuddles and affection over the last 2 hours had stressed her out whilst he was on his f'***ing laptop telling me to leave her!!!
So I gave Charlotte to him and told him that if he's a better parent than me he can settle her down. So I went upstairs to the spare room and left him to it. I'm still not speaking to him this morning - he can go forth & multiply. And guess what - he's working again!!!


  • oh poor you my hubby can be like this and i could happily kill him, i have no advice but i sympathise take care xxxx
  • Oh hun men can be times. My oh does have a habbit of ignoring our daughter to play games on here. I have lost it with hin so many times over this. One day he was on here till the early hours, Freya was having an unsettled night and not once did he see to her. So I threw his pillows down the stairs and a blanket. He got the hint, but never mantioned it the following day or apoligised. I did get some home made chocolate from a chocolate shop and a pub lunch lol. X X X
  • Well Charlotte got my revenge for me earlier on.
    Oh was lieing on his back and she went up to him and slapped him with both of her hands on either side of his face really hard! I heard the crack from across the room!
    Serves him right - lol!!
  • LOL at the slap!
    Hope Charlotte (and you) have a better night tonight.
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