Urgent - Question Re chicken pox

Hi all

Need my question answering please....

I an entertaining some friends at the weekend. One of the girls' granddaughter has chicken pox (just got it, not scabbed over yet)..... her granddaughter lives with her so they are in regular contact. my friend has already had chicken pox in her youth. can i let her be in contact with my 7 week old son?

I know its possible for my friend to get shingles and also for us to catch it......

I think I answered my own question, I should call it off right?

Any views appreciated

LJ x:\?


  • not sure of the right answer for you, but i had chicken pox when I was 12 weeks old! then when i was 4 my mum had a frind over whos daughter had chicken pox and I caught the shingles!
  • if the spots haven't scabbed over then she is still infectious so could have passed it on to your friend. if you are worried call it off. i know it's best to be exposed early to chicken pox and get it over and done with but 7 weeks may be a little too soon
  • i think that would be wise, as shingles is the same vius and could pass on chicken pox to ur lo, on the other hand the younger they get it the better it is and milder too. so maybe let him catch it? sounds harsh, i wish brooke had it already coz now she is old enough for it to annoy her and scratch it. i wished it on her as a baby! lol, nasty mummy! xx
  • I personally would postpone. If your friend has shingles then you cannot catch that from them (shingles is not contagious) but i dont know if its possible for someone who is already immune from chicken pox to then carry it to someone who is not. I would guess that your son would need to be in direct contact with the person who has chicken pox but would not risk it without asking a doctor first.
  • it did cross my mind to let him catch it upsy_daisy.... get it over and done with!

    Having said that I dont wont him poorly over christmas... I think i will have to celebrate with them in the new year instead!
  • well i just made the phone call, postponed until january....

    i just spoke to my mum and apparently i never got chicken pox.... or any other childhood diseases!!!

    thanks all
  • Hi
    You have done the right thing to postpone.My lo got chicken pox at 6 months and she was so much more poorly than her brother who was six at the time.

    From my experience I think they are better getting it a bit older I think 6 is the ideal age as my son could just sick curled up on the sofa and watch tv and not stratch too much. :lol:

    My daughter was sick she had a high temp and was complety covererd in the pox and scratched at it all the time.I was really worried she would scar her face because of it.
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