hey gals my lo has got a really bunged up nose due to me and oh having a cold just need some advice on any products that might help???
just could do with a slightly better nights sleep !!!
josh is 6 weeks as i know a lot of stuff they cant have at that age x
jem and josh x x


  • get some nasal drops from the chemist. they good. and a nasal aspirator to suck the snots out if he has them.

    Elevate his bed and tie a tissue near with karvol or snufflebabe on xxx
  • i just cleared Alfie's nose with cotton bud very carefully when snots were visable and put olbas oil on a hanky in the bedroom which seemed to help loads...another trick is to leave a bowl of water in the room, mv told me that! x
  • wow thanks !!!! does the sucker thing work??
  • We used to put a bit of baby olbas oil on some cotton wool and then into a mitten and put it near Hollys cot, also try a bowl of boiling water with baby olbas oil in it. Hope your lo feels better soon xxx
  • yeah i find it works well. i use it when ever matthew is snotty! x
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