LO will only eat hard finger foods!


If I give her a bread stick, rice cake, organix crisp she is well happy.

Give her anything vaguely soft and she just crushes it and then pulls it all apart or just ignores it once it's squished. Doesn't even go anywhere near her mouth.

I want to be able to give her sandwiches for tea but she just won't do anything with them. She used to make a vague effort with toast/muffins/crumpets but won't even eat them anymore.

Any ideas? I am offering finger foods at every meal as well as a puree. She will eat some of the foods if I break a small piece off and put it in her mouth. She's almost 9 months.


  • Hi BabyB

    Don't really have any advice but just wanted to say that my lo is the same. I have wasted sandwiches which have been lovingly prepared by me for our little man only for him to pull them apart and throw them on the floor!!He also love the Organix range of foods, breadsticks dipped in philadelphia, chocolate biscottis from Heinz. All I would just is just keep offering the food and one day she may surprise you.

    Sorry not much help.
  • Dont reallly have any advice im affriad, but could she be teething and only wants the hard food to chew on?
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