Can anyone recommend a travel pushchair?

Hi ladies,

We are going on our first abroad holiday with Isobel in April - can't wait, thought we'd get a holiday in before I started back at work in May - boo.

I'd like to get a lightweight pushchair suitable for taking on the plane that doesn't cost too much.

Has anyone got any recommendations please?

Thanks xx


  • I bought a Mamas and Papas one from E bay - we were going to Mexico so I didn't want to take my Quinny with me but I also didn't want to spend a lot on something that would get battered in the hold! The one I bought was like brand new, reclines to almost flat and has a big hood for shade and I paid ??25 for it.
    They really don't get treated well by the handlers so I didn't see the point in spending a fortune.
  • Ive got a Loola at the mo but also didnt want to take it with me and have it get wrecked.
    Ebays a good idea thanks, will have a look
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  • We bought a Maclaren Triumph as a holiday pushchair, I didn't want to take my Bugaboo on a plane! It was really good and lo seemed comfy as well.
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