calpol & neurofen??

is it 2 or 4 hours between doses? evie has chicken pox and have been told by hv to alternate between calpol and neurofen but cant remember if she said to leave 2 or 4 hours between doses
does anyone know??


  • I would say 4 hours normally but if your lo really ill she could have said 2 hours. Not really helped have i?! Ring NHS Direct and they can give you professional advice.
  • Oh no, not chickenpox! Poor Evie, hope she's not too ill with it?

    I give calpol (big spoon) and then wait 2 hours and give calprofen (small spoon). Hope that helps and Evie gets better soon, and doesn't pass it onto Oliver as well.

  • thanks ladies, i left it 4hrs just gave calpol night so hopefully she will sleep, she is knackered but wont settle image
    i dont mind oliver getting it now (get it over & done with in one go)
  • You have to leave 4 hours between doses of the same medicine so she can have something every 2 hours. When DS gets ear infections (which he does with annoying regularity) I give for eg. calpol at 8am, nuro at 10am, calpol at 12noon, nuro at 2pm and so on. Just make sure you don't exceed the maximum daily dose and she'll be fine!
    Hope she's feeling better soon.
  • thanks hun, if oliver gets it too ill have to keep a note of times, ohhh in a few days im sure ill struggle to remember my own name,lol
  • Crashing from pregnancy to say that nurofen (ibuprofen) is every 6 hours and Calpol (paracetamol) is every 4 hours. You can give them alternately as suggested above. You need to read the packet to make sure you dont exceed the max doses for the day. As Kirst3 suggested it is best to write yourself a 'timeline' of what's due when, especially when LO is unwell and your not getting much sleep! Also helps if you need to see a doctor as they can see what LO has had.

    Hope this helps,

    20+6 (and also a Paeds A&E nurse!)
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