Swim nappies - advice please

I want to take my lo (girl) swimming soon and am wondering what is best so need help please...

I am best buying a swimming cossie with built in nappy? And I assume I don't need separate swim nappy with this...? :\?

Or am I best buying normal cossie and buying swim nappies separate. I've seen Huggies Little Swimmers advertised a lot, are these any good?

Any advice appreciated, ta. xx


  • I bought an aqua nappy for noah but while he's still very little he wears disposable huggies swim nappies under. He doesn't seem to need them and now his poos are more solid i probably won't bother. just me been overcautious!
    i think i read on one of these forums that someones local swimming pool asked for the lo's to wear double swim nappies. i'd not heard that but it might be worth checking with your local pool!
  • My lo wears a wetsuit and tescos own swim nappy!
  • Lily wears a costume and a nappy as I don't think they would hold poo. I've found huggies lil swimmers the best.x
  • my lo wears i lil wet suit and a hugies lil swimmer they are good as dont swell up like a nappy. i wouldnt trust just a swimming custume with built in nappy as dont think it would hold any poo. xxx
  • I think I'll get cossie with nappy + swim nappies judging by these replies. Don't want a floater do we..?!!
    After all this she'll probably hate the pool - !lol!
  • I wear a swimsuit on Kara and Tesco swim nappies.
  • she shouldnt do my lo loves it! xxx
  • My lo wears a wet suit and Tesco's swim nappies - they are a little smaller than little swimmers which is great when you have a small baby like mine
  • Huggies little swimmers for us - Sam is 6 months and we put them to the test last week. We were at Alton Towers water park and he did a number 2 whilst in the water - No leakage at all!!! Thank god - would have died if there had been.
  • i know - could you imagine!! they do aqua babes at the local pool here and someone told me that if theres a poo in the water they have to close and drain both pools! who'd want that to happen!
  • my lo just wears a cossie with a built in swim nappy.. no accidents so far.. they are very tight fitting so nothing cud fall out.
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