My newborn is not sleeping!


My baby is nearly two weeks now but is not really sleeping at all. For the past two nights it's been 4am before we've settled her, and in the day she only had 3 hours (annoyingly we were out so couldn't sleep). We've tried everything we can think of - bath, car drive, breast, bottle, rocking, in sling. It was breastfeeding which finaly got her off last night after my DH had been trying for 8 hours!!! I am dreading him going back to work next week - we will be forced to do shifts caring for the baby with me sleeping 6pm-midnight so I can stay up all night and then the following day. Does anyone have any advice - all the other newborns we know are sleeping much much better. My baby doesn't have colic - she just won't sleep! Thanks in advance x


  • My mw told me to put a water bottle in Evies bed and then remove it just before she goes in as it makes them feel like they are still close to somone cause of the heat. It seems to work for Evie Take care xxx
  • Hi,
    My little one is now 9 months old and we had exactly what you have described until he was about 6-8 weeks old, it is hard and we found one thing that helped a lot was a night light or the tv on, i no it can be anoyin to sleep with but its better than not sleepin! The only other thing is are you sure baby is getting enough milk? It may be an idea to ask the health visitor on that one as i personally had to give up and move to bottle cuz my little boy would latch on and would be there for an hour even but just wasnt getting enouhg milk, need any more advice email me x
  • Could you try swaddling her? A cot mobile to play music to her?
    Could you try baby massage?

    I remember trying to car drives, and the walking in the pram at 3am.... its not the nicest thing to do, especially if its not working.

    She might be going through a growth spurt, so its likely that her whole routine will be disrupted. Keep bf and if you dont think you're producing enough express between feeds to allow your supply to increase to match your lo's needs.

    It wont help, but newborns dont have a routine and will tend to sleep and eat when they want to.

  • she wont sleep at night if shes not getting enough naps in the day, because shes getting over tired and its a nightmare to get them to sleep. millie was up every hour- 3 hours in night until she was 2 weeks old. it was hard work!! although millie use to sleep all day so i got some sleep! from 6 weeks she started waking only once in the night and it was heaven!! so things will get better!! xx
  • Thanks for the tips girls! Some of the things you mentioned we already do, but they were some that we don't so will try them out. What you say about naps in the day is interesting as often she only has one or two if we're lucky - that's what makes the not sleeping at night so hard! Last night was the same again - only dropped off whilst breastfeeding at 4am - but then kept making silly choking noises (she wasn't) for the four hours she slept so I kept waking up to check her as it worried us. :roll:
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