Formula Milk help please :-)

Hi Ladies

Looking for some help please my LO is Bfed but i have introduced a bottle of formula before be for my own sanity.

My question is which formula should i be giving her ???

There are so many out there I have decided to use Aptimil but do i give her extra hungry or follow on

Its so confusing with all the different types!!!!

Thanks in advance

Cazz ( 1 very confused mummy!)

Forgot to add she is 7 months old now

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  • Hi,
    Dependes how old you lo is for follow on milk it says it's for 6 months onwards but I've heard on here that it isn't as filling as the newborn stuff-nit sure if that's true.
    If you think she has a big appietie (God brain today sorry sp!!) then extra hungry would be good. We just went for SMA Gold and he's been fine Alf and we haven't looked back. I would just decide which you need and buy a little to try. Does take a while for lo's to get used to a milk so changing between types is ok but give each one maybe a week or more?
    Sorry not a lot of use but good luck. Maybe talk to your hv if you're not sure x (from another very confused mummy-mind I am always confussed!!)
  • Hi Cazz,
    I did the same with my lo as she was a gannet! We used Cow & Gate for hungry babies (I think it was number 2 on the packaging) so it sounds like the extra hungry Aptimil. It just seemed to fill her up that little bit more at night time and gave us a bit more much needed sleep!
    It worked a treat for us, fingers crossed it'll do the trick for you (and your sanity) too!
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the replies

    I have been giving her Aptimil hungry baby but i was so confused i wasn't sure if this was the right one ???

    I spent a good 30 minutes looking at them

  • I was the same...they don't make it easy do they?!?!?:lol:
  • definatly not especially when i haven't used much before
  • Thanks Vanilla

    Thats sort of what i thought but like i said its so confusing the range out there.

    I did try goodnight milk (had a free sample) but bless her couldn't get it through the teats we have its sooooooo thick

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