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Summer is now 10 months old and for the last few weeks has been able to sit unaided. At bath time she has a bath with either myself or her daddy. We find it easier to bath her this way. Now that she can sit up aided when can she had a bath on her own?


  • Hi Michelle

    We used the Aquapod from Mothercare and its a godsend. Without it Spencer tries to lie down in the bath which is rather worrying! Have a look at the link:
  • bryce has just turned 10 months i used 2 bath him with me or his dad he has been able 2 sit unaided 4 an while now but also has been havin baths 4 awhile on his own i did 1st bath on own about week after he could sit on his own
  • hi my lo is 8 months old now and has been sitting up for about 2 weeks now and always has a bath with his sister who is 2 but I have always used a baby bath seat as I feel so much safer knowing he can not fall over as he thinks he can crawl but he can't and trys to lean over all the time so I feel happier knowing he can not fall over in the water.
  • Sorry to jump in on your topic hun but i'm really struggling trying to bath Ruby and want to buy her a bath support. She's nearly 11 weeks and quite big at over 13lb. Does anyone know of one that will be good to use and last her a while? Its so difficult trying to bathe her and hold her at the same time!
    Thank you xx
  • February baby- I had this problem with my boy. Hes a big boy and we had one of those white supports from mothercare which he quickly grew out of so I bought him a bath sling from argos which was recommended by a mum on here and it was fab! So much better for the bigger baby and lasts ages. I stil have mine and am selling it now as my boy (7months) is now sitting up unaided in the bath and prefers it but he still fits in it really well and with ample room cosidering hes over 21lb!. With them slings also you get an infant cushion to supports a younger babys head. Hope this helps you a little x
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