baby shower

hi girlies im sure u can help, one of my friends who have met since being back in swindon which isnt that long is heavily pregnant and we get on great, always offering to help out with my kids and me her little boy, so i decided to throw her a baby shower, bless her she was very touched by the offer, any suggestions for games and themed food, plus it will be with all the lo's so ideas for the kids etc


  • I'm going to a baby shower in sept and we have to bring a pic of ourselves as a baby and hand them in at the beginning and then theres gonna be a guess who is who type game, i thought this was a good idea xx
  • Hi hun, don't want to post links on here to my facebook but will send you a link to my photos on your facebook.

    I had a fab baby shower, we had pram shaped sandwiches, fortune cookie favours, chocolate pram favours for the kids, games like putting mashed up celebration chocolates in a nappy and by smell alone you had to guess what sweet it was, everyone brought a baby pic and you had to guess who it was, a ribbon cut to the size of my bump, raffle....

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