Sick after every single feed

I'm at my wits end and sick of being fobbed off Alyssa my 3 month old is sick after every single feed and im not talking a little posetting im talking what looks like the whole bottle ive tried keeping her upright winding her regularly and gently and its not working should i try lactose intolerance milk?



  • Hi!
    This is what Flynn was like and after a week I got so fed up I took him back to the doctors and they diagnosed him with reflux. They gave me infant gaviscon to put in his bottles and he improved quickly, and now doesn't have it in every bottle, but is still not being sick.
    Probably worth taking her to see the doctor too, as hopefully they'll be able to sort it out. I know its so horrible!!

  • It's awful Rosalie ive mentioned gaviscon to them and was told it wouldn't help im going to ask for a second opinion, her poops are runnier than normal and she is only gaining the bare minimum in weight!!!

  • My doctor told me that they would not diagnose reflux unless he was loosing weight as he was clearly happy in himself inbetween feeds they said not to worry. Eventually I bought infant gaviscon over the counter in boots and he improved greatly. I get so fed up with doctors not trusting mums. Since I have changed doctors, but haven't gone to the new ones as of yet, so not sure how good they are.

    Don't get fobbed off, take someone with you if you need. Sometimes taking your mum with you who backs you up helps or your oh. They sometimes won't listen, but keep going.
  • My GP told me that he wouldnt diagnose reflux unless they were being sick at night and were at risk of choking!! How the hell would you know if they were at risk if it hadnt happened?! (My GP is a dick anyway!)

    My boys have Silent Reflux, so are not sick but suffer with pain most of the time, arching back etc. Thankfully, we were referred to a paed for something different and she couldnt understand why we werent using something to help them! Infant Gaviscon has really helped. Def get back, and please dont be fobbed off xxx
  • I bought infant gaviscon from a chemist on the internet. xx
  • My docs wouldnt listen to me about lizzies skin being to do with her milk so i went back the following day for 2nd opiionion and got my mum to come with me! there was no mention of "out it to the back of your mind" like i was told the day before!!
    Trust your instinct! x
  • Get her checked by doc - sounds like Reflux to me (they don;t have to lose weight to have this) S XX
  • hi, ds was like this and was misdiagnosed as reflux, he is infact cows milk intolerant, which wasn't diagnosed until he was 4.5months, and even then thats only cos i changed gp and he was loosing weight by then, he's been on soya milk since then and hasn't been sick at all since 6 monthsold (he's now 1), if ur gp is fobbing u off seek a second opinion
  • we also got nowhere with our docs, it was only when we were refferred to a paediatrician for an unrelated matter when we took the opportunity to offload all our worries with him that it was diagnosed. He is now on gaviscon in every bottle and ranitidine and is sooooo much better. He is still sick now and again but only small amounts.

    sarah+tyler(17 weeks)
  • It does sound like reflux, I would keep going back until you get an answer. DD has reflux and she is on gaviscon and has helped, she is still sick after a milk feed but nowhere near what it used to be.
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