need help ASAP!!

what is a normal temp for a 3 year old? thanx ladies xx


  • If you take the temperature in your child's mouth or from the ear, the normal temperature is 36-36.8????C (97.7-99.1????F).

  • SHould be the same as an adult I think, about 36.5-37 Is J ok hun?
  • he is 38.3 after having calpol about 40 mins ago. he hasnt moved off of the sofa all day which is not like him at all
  • my docs has no app or cancelations and i cant bring it down. what shall i do?
  • Tell your doctors that he NEEDS to be seen babe, he is 3 years old and has a very high temperature. If they still say no then just take him straight down there honey.

  • just phoned the docs again and told them - hes going to been seen at 4.15 - his heart is racing im so worried
  • Try and stay calm darlin, panicking wont help. Is your OH around, if he is at work can you get him home? He'll be fine hon, prob just a nasty bug, they have been a lot worse this year. xx
  • I agree, he needs to be seen. Could you ask to speak to the doctor instead of the receptionist?
  • all 3 of em have been throwing up all day but J is normally bouncing off of the walls but hes slept best part of the day and when he is awake he is either throwing up or laying on the sofa. thanx for ur help ladies x
  • Glad you managed to get an appt, hope the boys are feeling better soon.
  • Awww bless him hope he's ok let us know how you get on!
  • Hope J is ok honey! xxx
  • Only just seen your post hun, Hope J is ok. x x x
  • hi girls - his temps come down to 37.8, the doc didnt seem to be worried although she didnt like how floppy he was and said if he gets worse in the night to go to A&E. she said alternate paracetamol and ibruprofen, (which iv been doing) but make sure his temp dosnt go too low from using both (which i didnt know) he fell asleep on me in the waiting room bless him and Isaacs just fallen asleep on me too and Tylers asleep in his chair, its eerily quiet in my house tonight! Thanx for all ur advice and support ladies it means alot. xx
  • I'm glad to hear his temp has come down, please don't stress too much if his temp stays a little high (not lots) but just a touch high. That is a normal sign the body is fighting the virus. At the same time children temps change in a second so do take him back straight away or go direct to a&e if you feel his temp isn't coming down enough with calpol. You are doing a great job.

  • Poor you and all your boys, hope they are feeling better after a good nights sleep. Sleep and lots of water are the best things forthem alonsgside keeping temps down.

  • Elaine - I've never ever heard of your temperature going too low due to giving both Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and as you know, I've dealt with loads of medical stuff over the years. Very odd.

    However, do as you're doing hon, keep him stripped off adn keep giving him sips of water/ice pops whatever to keep his fluid intake up.

    He'll feel pretty rubbish, but it's when the temperature gets above 39 that it gets a bit more worrying.

    Hope he feels better chick - it's so worrying isn't it?xx
  • Hope they are all better soon! poor boys xxx
  • thankyou for ur replies ladies.

    Js temp went up to 39.4 last night and he started getting trembley so I put him in a cool bath and gave him some calprofen which bought it down to 37.9. Both boys were in bed with me last night so i could keep an eye on their temps and they both seem alot better today. None of them have been sick so far and the boys temps are both 36.6 this morning.

    Thankyou for your help yesterday ladies I could feel myself panicking. (Iv never not been able to bring their temp down) I dont know what i'd do without you lot! image

    Elaine and boys xx
  • Hi Elaine,
    Have only just read your post. Just wondering how your boys were feeling today? Hope they all feel better soon.

    Beck n Zacky
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