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8 week jabs - unhappy baby!

Hi everyone

My son had his 8 week jabs yesterday and although he cried like he's never cried before, he settled within a minute (perhaps cos I gave him calpol beforehand!) and then was his usual smiley self in the afternoon but then had a hysterical crying fit for about half an hour or more in the early evening and fell asleep for the rest of the evening after projectile vomiting his feed (which he never does) including a second dose of calpol (!) I had just given him as he had a slight temp. His temp is back down now but he slept loads today which is unheard of for him and now he is waking up every 10 minutes or so tonight when normally he goes flat out for 3 hours from about 8pm.
I was prepared for him to be a bit out of sorts for a bit but just wondered what other mummy's lo's were like after theirs and whether the broken sleep tonight is down to the amount of sleep he had earlier in the day? He hasn't fed very much today either and so maybe that is why he is waking too even though he only fed for a couple of minutes when I last went to him so didn't seem to be hungry?



  • milie woke up every hour after her 8 week jabs but had no temp so i never gave her any calpol, i had to just keep picking her up and putting her back down she only cried for a few secs when had her injections but slept all day. the next day she was a little unsettled at night but that bad and day after she was back to normal. he may just want some cuddles. millie was fine after she had her 12 week injections though!! so hopefully urs will be too next time xx
  • my LO was sooo poorly after his jabs, he stopped breathing and was very sick for days and then he developed bronchiolitis and he wasn't showing any signs of getting better til 2 weeks later, luckily he's fine now but arghhhh i'm dreading his next ones which are soon!! hope ur little one feels better soon, it is normal for them to be a bit sick and out of sorts for a few days, just make sure he gets plenty of fluids and hopefully he'll keep his calpol down! x
  • Thanks for your quick replies, poor you mrsjbourne, that must have been truly awful and so scary, I hope the next ones go better for your little man. My little sister stopped breathing after having jabs so we checked on him loads last night. He's stayed asleep for the last 40 minutes so hopefully he will start to settle down. I'm bf so he's having plenty to drink as he's getting all the foremilk with his 2 minute feeds, he's just not getting much of the hindmilk to fill his belly up!
    I feel more reassured now though so thanks girls xx
  • i'm a mum of 3 - and two of mine have been ill like this afterwards.
    they have 3 jabs at a time don't they.
    with my eldest i asked to space them out over 3 weeks.
    which seemed to make her better. the hv had a go - and probably labelled me a neurotic pain in the ass
    but we were happier!
    also found all mine were clingy and needed extra tlc for a few days after!
  • Hi

    My LO has done a similar thing with all her jabs and doesn't seem to react well to them. She would be fine until the evening and then the screaming would start with a temperature. She also normally wouldn't drink her milk that evening either. After one set of jabs her leg swelled up so I had to ring NHS direct.

    She had her MMR last week (now 14 months old) and has been out of sorts for over a week. Yesterday she had a temp of 39.8 so i have been keeping a close eye on her. she is also a lot more sleepy.

    I was in two minds about letting her have any immunisations after I did some research which scared me but decided to go ahead. Now I beat myself up after each one about whether I made the right decision.

    I am pregnant again and will be thinking carefully about the jabs next time. I might delay starting them until this LO is six months and a bit bigger and stronger and also might try what bunty1975 did.

    I just give calpol, plenty of fluids and lots of cuddles
  • Archie had his today and doesn't seem to unsettled. Although he does have diarrhoea (see post asking if there is a link ?) and has struggled with his feed but I thought that was due to the gaviscon. Might try him without it and see what happens. S x
  • Thanks for all the replies last time.
    Well Joseph had his 12 week jabs yesterday and he is even worse this time! Yesterday he wasn't too bad, just a bit of a temp and a bit whingy but tonight he is so upset, He cried with real tears for 45 minutes and then on and off hysterically for another 45 mins or so and now he is only settled cos I am sitting on the bed in the dark with him on my boob so every time he cries I can pop him on for a comfort feed/sooth before he gets too hysterical again! Did anyone else's lo fare better the second time? I am really dreading the next ones now
  • My little girl had her 8 wk jabs today and she screamed and cried lots, then slept for 3 hours, then woke up crying and has been crying hysterically for 1.5hrs. I gave her a feed and calpol and now she has cried herself to sleep. I hope she is ok tomorrow!

  • My lo had his 12 week today and he all so has colic as well so he is one unhappy little man tonight. He will not settle, he screamed for 15min at the docs today and has on and off all day. He was fine after is 6 week jab just a little cry then had a boogie and was happy after that.


  • That's because jabs are full of poison toxins invading your tiny baby do your research on what gos in to them ask to see the packet insert at the doctors.

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